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Full-time Obsessive! See our day! 

The Board of Directors? Yes! Right here the biggest decisions are taken!
Together? They perfectly know what’s great and hot – not only in love!
Separately? We could say that they do not occur like that but you should know that… Tomek is the captain of our boat! He always makes sure that we’re heading in the right direction! While Agnieszka is the real Queen! She loves taking decisions!

Ideas full od LOVEly details? They come from their heads!
Magda, Gosia, Bogusia and the rest of this fabulous team know that when talking about love everything is important! So they fondle every element, check every fabric and… keep on designing new solutions! So, thanks to them, wearing Obsessive you look and feel fantastic!

And what happens when all Obsessive team falls for designed lingerie?
Sewing machines move in! Firm seams, perfect stitches and right pace. They know what they’re doing! Everything to make sure that in the most important moment you can think only about… pleasure!

Talking about fondling… when something has to be ironed, folded, plumed or refined… these girls are irreplaceable! Why do we care so much? Well, in love everything matters. Details, details of details and even… their details! And since we know that – we care!

Perfection? It’s incredibly sexy to be perfect and we know that you like it too! So we check everything, everywhere and any time! Over 5 thousand of Sexy, Spicy and Fun attires are checked by our quality guards every day! Just because we want to give you absolutely stunning and flawless item!

So now, since you know a lot about us… be honest! How did you stumble across Obsessive? Was it a slider, a flyer, a billboard?
Well, advertising is the key to success! Krzysztof, Sylwia and the whole marketing team know that and… they can carry every campaign! Thanks to them every advertising material, every cheeky claim and eye-catching layout is obsessively funny and consistent with the strategy of love!

How about sales department? Well, Magdalena, Kamil, Kasia and the rest of this chuckling team will take care about your order! They know they you are waiting for your surprise so, they do their best to deliver it quickly to your door!

And when they already know your address… It’s time for these bunny-girls! Hopping between the racks and finding right boxes is a piece of carrot for them! They know our warehouse through and through! Thanks to these girls you’re getting exactly this what you’ve ordered!

Packed by girls and… sent by Rafał? Yes! That’s exactly how it works here! Who if not Rafał knows better that messing up with boxes can end up… like that! But whenever you receive a perfectly wrapped and secured shipping, be informed that… Rafał has something to do with this!

Aww… right. Have you received the package? Was it UPS, DHL or Postal services? Your package came a long way and… these two buddies, known as Łukasz&Łukasz team, have booked the ticket for this trip! As our logistics department they perfectly know every corridor and each road! And yes – they like having fun!

So, are you wondering whether there is a place for fastidiousness and counting in our Obsessive world of fun? Of course! We’ve got this tiny kingdom of numbers, taxes and charts! Agnieszka and Maria know how to deal with them and… that’s why we love them!

And this? Well, this is our Obsessive team! Why are we so happy? Well, we know that Obsessive gives plenty of pleasure all over the world. Every day and every night. That’s what gives us the biggest satisfaction and… makes us smiling like that! Whatever we do – we do it for you!

And you? You know that and you show it! That’s why we would like to thank you. For your participation in Obsessive contests, for your nice comments, posts and photos. Above all we would like to thank you for being 100% Obsessive! Keep it up because… being Obsessive is cool! ❤