Circles and squares – that’s what love wears!

Obsessive lingerie? Looks perfect and feels great. Have you ever been wondering how do we do this?

Since you are big enough to know that there are no elves and that magic wands are not so magic: you may be thinking that it’s thanks to our love, happiness and huge smiles.

Well, you’re almost right! They do involve our products but… we’ve got something else. Something special!

There are some people in our team, who are into a technological and design news. Thanks to their work Obsessive can be even more obsessive and absolutely perfect!

Thanks to their fabulous ideas Obsessive lingerie has Comfort and Fit innovations.

Where will you meet them? Right here, close to the products’ descriptions, in our catalogue, on our boxes and… on this what our elves put inside! (Aww… did we say that there are no elves?)

Meet them!


 Obsessive Comfort

Made especially for you and your great comfort. We know that there’s nothing more important than feeling comfy and… incredibly hot! 




Big bust, a lot to discuss! Products marked with this icon have specially designed cups – perfect for big breasts. Emphasize and expose your femininity and be obsessed about this!



Strong Knit, Sharp details and Selected fibres – these are the attributes of Obsessive knitwear. Everything is extremely durable and gives plenty of fun. No more runs, no more holes – perfect look instead!



Panties with this solution guarantee full wearing comfort. Thanks to the back seam everything fays perfectly and emphasizes body shapes! No more doubts!



This icon comes with lingerie items that have useful fastenings and adjustments – just Did2Fit. The effect? Regulation becomes super-easy and gives amazing look!



Stretchability doubts? Oh, come on! Multistretch took care of that. Lingerie labelled with this icon has been made out of exceptionally elastic fabrics – they stretch out in every direction. Just look at the perfectly emphasized curves!



Gently elastic and delicate as silk – that’s how our satin lingerie labelled with this icon feels like! Together with lasting colour and perfect gloss it’s a SilkyTouch.




Obsessive Fit

We also know that well-fitting lingerie!



We love perfection...



Last but not least! Every Obsessive item has been checked twice (this one too!). Are we so rigid? Well, we want to give you pure fun and great quality!