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Jacek Grzędzielski

General Manager

Wherever Obsessive happens – he knows about it. Our 007, licensed to plan and act! He keeps on analyzing and researching markets to send Obsessive to the furthest reaches of the galaxy!.

Magdalena Iskierka

Sales Director

Do you want to make a deal? Here she is! Magda knows all, everybody and everything. Decisively the most decided person in Obsessive. We don’t know, you don’t know – she knows.

Kamil Dudziak

Domestic Sales Manager

Thanks to him polish shelves are filled with Obsessive stuff! Aww, yes! He knows how to plan and fulfill orders. Wanna order something to your store located in Poland? Call Kamil!

Katarzyna Arkuszewska

International B2B Sales Specialist

She works with Magda, so… she knows almost everything! Beside that – she knows how to sell, help and advise. If you need any kind of help with your order – contact with her and… wait for this fabulous smile!

Marta Chlebowska-Trojak

E-commerce Manager

Whenever you do your Obsessive shopping she’s there. She knows how to analyze, advise and sell. Thanks to her everything goes smoothly!

Urszula Gałosz

Sales Specialist

Our B2C specialist. And Born2Charm is the best way in which we can describe her! So? If you’re waiting for your order, you would like to order or you need help with your order – contact her!

Justyna Zięba

Sales Specialist

She’s the one. In case of calling us – she’ll pick up the phone and… will show you the right direction! Her motto: The difficult? Immediately. The impossible takes a little longer. So if you need any help with and of Obsessive topics – call her!

Krzysztof Matuła

Marketing Manager

Impossible is nothing! Advertising is everything! His motto? Make the logotype bigger and put it right in the middle of the whole universe. You think it’s funny? Try not to do this!

Łukasz Siwek

Logistic Director

Thanks to him everything has its own place. Every box, every tag and… every thought is organised. He disposes and he keeps the shelves full of fun! Thanks to him Obsessive is as regular as a clockwork!

Małgorzata Chmielniak

Design Department Manager

Cute person filled with magic ideas! She knows the best what will give you plenty of fun and satisfaction! All fabulous ideas came from her head and… awww… what can we tell you? Just look at our designs!