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Lingerie for large breasts

  • Girlly  - White babydoll & thong - color: White
  • Leatheria  - Red, sexy set  - color: Red
  • Peonesia - Lace set with garter belt - color: Black
  • Girlly - Pink set with garter belt - color: Pink
  • Drimera  - Deep blue babydoll & thong - color: Blue
  • Jolierose  - Sensual, red set - color: Red
  • Rosalyne - Sexy, red teddy - color: Red
  • Jolierose - Red, crtochless teddy  - color: Red
  • Jolierose - Red chemise & thong - color: Red
  • Rosalyne - Sensual corset & thong - color: Red
  • Drimera  - Elegant set with gater belt - color: Blue
  • Rosalyne - Tempting babydoll & thong - color: Red

Sexy lingerie for large breasted women - emphasize your femininity with Obsessive models!

Ladies plus size with ample breasts often complain about their breasts and suggest that they would prefer not to be that much generously endowed. Usually, such a confession arouses disbelief among the owners of smaller breasts. Is it just a coquetting? Or maybe underestimating your own qualities? Absolutely not! This is only due to the difficulty of fitting underwear, which, instead of cutting in, sticking in and putting a strain on the spine, would serve as support that gives a sense of everyday comfort. Until recently, ladies with large breasts were forced to wear either beautiful but uncomfortable bras or slightly old-fashioned, but more comfortable bras resembling rather historical patterns.

Obsessive decided to change it! No more decision - fashionable or comfortable! Now without compromise, you can have it all in one model! Our designers have listened to women, collected their opinions and spent tens of hours developing appropriate bra solutions for large breasts. Finally, they added a pinch of eroticism, sensuality and playfulness. And here it is! Newline signed with Big Bust lingerie! If you can see it, you can be sure that underwear marked with it is the special lingerie for big breasted women! No more uncomfortable, mismatched bras that would turn even the hottest evening into a nightmare. Now sensuality and playfulness will always be associated with comfort.

The innovative idea is the approach to size itself. We don't start with the smallest model, but with this XXL and from it we go down to smaller sizes. This means that the biggest one is our base model, on which we focused, checking and testing it to see if the whole construction is comfortable, convenient, and none of the elements are problematic. We concentrate on well-reinforced cups, ideally supporting ample shapes and a solid "frame" that does not burden the spine. We know that for you to feel freely sexy, you must have guaranteed comfort and freedom. However, we wouldn't be ourselves if we didn't create this product in Obsessive style - tempting, intriguing and sensual... Large breasts in a seductive version? In our world, every woman, regardless of the shape and size, must feel like a real seducer and the queen of the night. Lighting up the senses and making the atmosphere more exciting by just looking at yourself? With Obsessive you have it guaranteed! Each of the models with Big Bust symbols, although dedicated to women with large breasts is available in all sizes offered by Obsessive.