Transform yourself into a tempting coquette and invite your beloved to play love games in a completely new style! Change your look with one sensual accessory - a sexy face mask or bondage blindfold! These little wonders, made of guipure, satin or lace, do the tricks! They are an invitation to the land of pleasure, where you set the rules of the game. So let your fantasies carry you away and make your dreams come true today! 


Sexy masks and blindfolds are your tickets to the land of pleasure!

Did you know that men love brave women? Sometimes it takes just one word, one gesture, to give the chosen person a signal to act. How about inviting him to a love game wearing a seductive blindfold mask on your eyes? Let the gentle guipure be a harbinger of the tsunami approaching your bedroom! Give your beloved a spicy, coquettish look, and you'll quickly warm up the atmosphere in your bedroom! How about it? Are you ready to flirt? 

Gentle blindfold made of shiny material or a slightly bolder lace mask? Which version will you choose? Yes, you're right! You don't have to limit yourself! It's worth having a few of these wonders in your wardrobe for different occasions! Depending on the current mood, you will change either into a ruling dominatrix, or into a completely devoted nymph. If you also choose a sensual chemise, a seductive lingerie set or a corset that emphasizes your qualities, you can be sure that your beloved one will go completely crazy!

Delicate materials used in our sexy face masks and bondage blindfolds ensure the comfort of use, and playful cuts guarantee passionate excitement. They will give you a little bit of uncertainty and a thrill of emotion... Together you will enter the world of eroticism, which until now has only appeared in your fantasies.

After all, there's nothing like proximity and touch to bring the partners closer together! When the eyes are closed, the rest of the senses are sharpened. So let yourself be carried away by the wave of love and discover together what has been hidden until now. Erotic blindfolds and sexy masks from Obsessive will undoubtedly help you to do it!


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