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Micro bikini

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Bold, insanely skimpy and incredibly feminine – this is what the micro bikini available in the collection of the Polish brand Obsessive is like. It’s a swimsuit that reveals a lot, clearly exposes the assets of the female body and still leaves a lot to the imagination. The skimpy panties and soft bra characterised by a modern, minimalistic design, perfect fit and fun lacing ensure maximum comfort and attract attention with their energetic colours. What makes this model so popular? See for yourself getting to know the offered sets even better!

Sexy micro bikini – a way to experience summer pleasures 

Summer bliss is a foolproof recipe for a successful holiday break. If you want to experience the characteristic ease entirely, pack a micro bikini to your suitcase – this bold and tasteful swimsuit will let you fully indulge in sun and water bathing. The sexy panties subtly emphasise the natural shape of the buttocks and the soft bra unobtrusively exposes the breasts. This proposal from Obsessive, designed for the bold and feminine beach collection, ensures maximum comfort despite its skimpy cut:

- the micro bikini was designed to cover the intimate parts of the female body without changing their shape. An ideal figure will surely appreciate such solutions!

- the revealing swimsuit has been equipped with functional strings that enable convenient lacing and adjusting the top and bottom parts. Thanks to them, the bra and panties stay in place guaranteeing you full freedom of movements. 

- the micro bikini is a pattern and colour craze! It draws attention, intrigues and shocks, but only positively. 

The seductive micro bikini – a proposal for hot beaches 

A seductive micro bikini is an absolute must for your summer wardrobe. The fashionable and incredibly sensual design by Obsessive is so popular among women for a reason. The set is an excellent recommendation for sun-heated beaches and it works both for light (and often very bold) styles:

- the micro swimsuit perfectly corresponds with airy dresses – also those very revealing ones. The fun strings unravel a sort of secret while showing your self-confidence.

- the skimpy bra beautifully complements the cut-out shorts. You don’t have to present all of it on a beachfront promenade or boardwalk – it can be shyly shown through the transparent fabric of the top. 

- in the summer, a micro bikini can be combined with an airy wraparound skirt, oversized shirt or a translucent tunic. Although such combos will be perfect mostly for the beach, they’ll also be great for a walk along the pier. Just pair it all with some delicate sandals and a wide-brim hat. 

Micro bikini – an Obsessive swimsuit in trendy colours

Deep, timeless black, crazy fuschia or daring gold are not the only summer proposals from the Obsessive brand. The seductive (and red hot!) micro bikini can also put on a different facade – our internet shop offers this bold swimsuit in a feisty print. The timeless leopard print catches the eye and stimulates the imagination. 

Interestingly, the micro swimsuit attracts attention not only due to its fantastic colour range. The popularity of these skimpy sets is determined mainly by their quality. What makes the micro bikini fit perfectly to the female shape?

Micro bikini – a swimsuit that follows body movements

The Obsessive micro bikini is a design that deserves recognition. The revealing swimsuit was designed to perfectly snug the female body without being too tight. 

The designers are unanimous – this sexy set follows the movements of its owner without limiting her activity in any way.  

The success of the minimalistic bikini lies in the type of material used. Depending on the model, the micro bikini is made of high-quality polyester or polyamide. The properties of a specific material, especially the resistance to deformation, are determined by the presence of elastane – durable synthetic fibres with high stretchability. 

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