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Swimwear from the new collection of the Polish brand Obsessive is an offer for lovers of great fun and modern design. They are inspired by the current trends, being extremely fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Enjoy a collection that awakens the imagination, teases the senses and leaves no room for indifference.

Swimwear from the new collection – discover the wealth of trends

Energising, extremely sexy and intriguing – this is the new collection of Obsessive swimwear. The women’s and men’s models gathered in this category are eye-catching and provocative.

The popularity of this collection is determined by the accumulation of trends – from crazy, stimulating colours, through shiny fabrics, to sexy prints – floral and animal. These top proposals will be great not only for the beach. Due to the fashionable nature of the proposed  swimsuits, you can use the women’s swimwear from the new collection in everyday sets:

- a micro bikini can be easily combined with an airy and skimpy dress (also one that reveals a lot), shorts and a crop top or a transparent blouse;

- a sexy one-piece swimsuit will replace the classic top in an outfit with jeans;

- a black swimsuit of a slightly erotic character will be perfect with a sensual short skirt.

Seductive swimwear from the new collection for men

The new Obsessive swimwear collection could not be complete without recommendations for men. Sexy men’s shorts were designed for men who are not afraid to be in the spotlight. A seductive cut, shiny material and translucent inserts are a proposal that no woman will remain indifferent to! The tight shorts, additionally adjustable with a matching drawstring, precisely fit the body and raise the buttocks. It is a model that looks great in the company of a summer tan.

A sexy accent, i.e. a signature sign of the swimwear from the new collection

Beachwear offered by Obsessive is a perfect combination of quality, phenomenal cuts, unusual colours and functionality. However, what makes the designs recognisable is a sexy accent. A brand’s signature sign can have many faces – in the swimwear from the new offer, these include shiny materials (they definitely ignite the senses!), bold prints, skimpy cuts and strings that draw attention, usually fancifully wrapped around the body.

Perfectly fitting – swimwear from the new collection meets your expectations

Sexy swimwear from the new Obsessive collection is undoubtedly an explosion of trends. However, the popularity of the swimsuits does not only lie in clear inspirations from the fashion world. These hotline models also attract attention with their perfect fit, wearing comfort and excellent compatibility with the body:

- the men’s swimming shorts are made of high-quality synthetic fabric with high elasticity. This composition provides the user with comfort and freedom of movement, preventing sliding of swimming trunks. 

- the women’s swimsuits from the new collection are well thought-out styles and functional solutions. Strings for the maximum adjustment of a bra or panties, comfortable fasteners (in stiffened models) and the use of fabrics that ensure comfort and a perfect appearance of the swimsuit are just some of them.

Trendy swimsuits from the new collection of the Polish brand Obsessive 

Obsessive designs in this category are aimed at women and men who are not afraid to be in the centre of attention. The top proposals draw maximum inspiration from the trends, moreover, they were designed to be used outside the beach as well. The tempting women’s swimsuits from the new collection are perfectly combined with elements of women’s clothing and can be worn as a lingerie alternative during the holidays:

- a women’s one-piece swimsuit often replaces a bodysuit. No wonder – it looks great with high-waisted denim shorts.

- it’s worth wearing a micro bra instead of a padded bra. This will help you avoid discomfort on sweltering hot days.

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