Obsessive in the sun

You think “Obsessive” and you see wonderful, sexy lingerie, delicate lace, sensual chemises and seductive sets.

What would you say to a new level of sexiness in the form of fantastic beachwear? Get ready because…

…Obsessive Swimwear is here!


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80’s and 90’s trends are rocking in the best designers’ collections on the most famous catwalks around the world. Inspired by last decades’ trends, we designed unique, modern patterns, tempting shapes and stunning styles in a legendary Baywatch spirit!

Feel fantastic in the summertime. You can choose from a full range of different styles: tempting sets, hot micro bikinis, traditional swimsuits, one-piece swimwear and sporty designs.

You’ll be amazed by the rich offer of different colours. Bright neon shades, wild spots, juicy colours, mermaid effect, sandy tones, shiny golden. This summer will be hotter – in the sun and water!

Full range of spiciness

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Game of colours!

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Time to show sexy tan with bright neons

in the sun!

Unique styles in the company of stunning, juicy shades – that’s the quintessence of femininity with a pinch of extravagance.

Sexy two-pieces sets or 90’s styled one-piece swimwear? What do you like? In Obsessive we’re not afraid of super hot combinations. And we know that summertime… has its own rules!

We also have got something special for sandy shade lovers: amazing golden gloss, sensual nude and beautiful beige. Summer suntan is perfectly emphasized.

Now every woman can become a beach queen!

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Wskocz na wyższy poziom

The styles of our beachwear are not accidental. We focused on sexy swimsuits which perfectly emphasize the beauty of a female body.

Amazing cut-outs, deep neckline and lacing on waist line – the figure is optically slimmed and looks charming! Our bathing suits are made of high-quality, fast-drying and unique "second skin" fabrics, rarely used in swimwear production.

Everything for great wearing comfort!

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Special solutions

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Size? It matters!

We created several sizes to give all women full comfort. Obsessive swimwear has a standard sizing: S, M, L, XL.

We used some special solutions, i.e. adjustable straps,

a new type of underwire or useful lacing on the neck, back and hips. They help with a quick and easy choice of the style and size.

Be carried away

by the summer fun wave!