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Are you looking for something that will diversify your erotic life, but do not know if you are ready for full erotic stylizations? Would you like to emphasize your openness and willingness to try something new? We have for you a real wonder, which, although inconspicuous in size, will warm up your partner to redness! This charming, innocent looking gadget invites you to a really hard game. We present you with open crotch panties. Include them in your joint games and get ready for a new experience!

Suggestive open crotch panties

You probably know this popular proverb - still waters run deep...? That's how open crotch lingerie works on men. It seems to be only a delicate piece of material, and yet it can really mix in their heads! We know what, where and how to cover and what to expose, so that there is no doubt what pleasures you will experience this night.

Nudity is sexy, but the right setting brings the couple to the limits of love madness. Paraphrasing the words of a classic - in a sexy, erotic outfit you can be more naked than without anything on yourself! Your partner knows this very well, fantasizing about your shapes in very naughty stylizations. Sexy crotchless underwear is an absolute hit of this season and must have in every bedroom!

Crotchless panties & knickers by Obsessive

Obsessive open panties are made of delicate, pleasant to wear materials. Airiness, delicacy and comfort were the same important factors in their design as the predatory, sexy look. All seams and joints are subtle and do not stand out even with very tight creations. An additional advantage is the possibility to whisper about them on the ear of your companion. We guarantee that the whole evening he will dream only of your sweet being together without any people. Let him float away in fantasies, occasionally giving a charming reminder. Or maybe you can show him a fragment of this seductive wonder, improving your creation in a distance from prying eyes? An outburst of mad desire is exactly what you need to be prepared for! This is how the crotchless panties suggestively affect men.

Crotchless underwear - choose the best open crotch knickers!

In our offer you will find many models of these clever, playful panties. They differ in materials, colours and decorations. Choose something in his favourite colour or with a motif that turns him on - lacing like in a corset, jewellery, belts? Think about what you like the most! Think of what you will feel best and most confident in and surprise your beloved, introducing this unusual variety to your passionate games.

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