Other accessories

  • Bijou-904 - Long, gold necklace - color: Other
  • A745  - Cuffs with bows - color: Black

    Sizes :

  • Bijou-901 - elegant, golden nacklace - color: Other
  • A749 - Black nipple covers with chain - color: Black
  • Bijou-902 - Gold necklace - color: Other

    Sizes :

  • Shelle - Lacy handcuffs with chain - color: Other
  • A751  - Sexy nipple covers - color: Black
  • Bijou-903  - Long, gold necklace on the hips - color: Other
  • Lollypopy - Harness with cuffs - color: Pink
  • Bijou-907  - Silver cuffs - color: Other

    Sizes :

  • Bijou-906  - Silver necklace - color: Other

    Sizes :

  • Liferia  - Nipple covers with chains - color: Black
  • A753  - Golden nipple covers - color: Other
  • A750 - Sexy nipple covers - color: Black
  • Megies - Sexy nipple covers - color: Black
  • Selvy - Playful nipple covers - color: Beige and Brown
  • A752 - Black nipple covers - color: Black
  • A748  - Nipple covers with chain - color: Black
  • Giftella - Tempting, red nipple covers - color: Red
  • Roseberry - adorned with lace cuffs  - color: Pink
  • Tassel - frivolous, black nipple covers - color: Black
  • A746 - Handuffs with chain - color: Black
  • A747  - Sexy handcuffs - color: Black

    Sizes :

  • Red gift box - Perfect gift packaging - color: Red

Obsessive underwear, cuffs and nipple covers - check what we have prepared for you!

Nothing works on guys like the announcement of really hot moments for two. How to give him a signal that you are planning something really spicy and unique for this evening? There are many possibilities, but we will present you with a scenario...

If you have an opportunity, invite your beloved to a lunch or afternoon dinner. But that's not all! With our spicy accessories, you will discover much more! 

During a meeting, as if by accident, you can open the secrets you are hiding from him. A small gadget, not very precisely hidden in the bag and uncovered by his eyesight, will surely intrigue your chosen one... Yes, we think about cuffs!

Sexy handcuffs finished with delicate feathers or lace will surely surprise your beloved! Just whisper in his ear that this is not all he can count on this evening! You can be sure that further consumption will occur very quickly... We are talking about your dinner, of course... What will happen at home? This is your private business! However, we recommend one more element that will give spice to your relationship.

Apart from a sensual set of lingerie, a corset emphasizing the shapes or a charming chemise, you can also opt for other accessories - little nipple covers! Obsessive, reusable sexy nipple covers, made of satin, beautifully shiny fabric, is the remaining addition that will make this evening will stay in your memory for a long time! Let there be no end to love games!