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Police uniforms

  • Police - Hot policewoman costume - color: Black
  • Police - sexy policewoman uniform - color: Black

Sexy policewoman uniforms - become the boss in your bedroom!

"STOP! In the name of the law, you're under arrest!" What do you think your beloved would have done if he had heard such words? Probably a moment of hesitation and reflection would appear in his head. What if he listened to those words right out of your mouth? Hmm... It could get boiling!

The sight of a beloved woman dressed as a sexy police woman will drive every guy crazy and arouse hot emotions in him! But remember, as a police officer, you'll have to stay calm!

If the criminal resists, you can overpower him without hesitation. Indeed, it won't be necessary to use force here... Probably the guilty man will voluntarily surrender himself, and you know what? He will ask for more!

Punishment or search? What will your beloved choose? When he sees you in the Obsessive police woman uniform, he will go crazy! Sexy top, shorties, cap, belt, side strings - that's a uniform for really hot police woman.

All our erotic costumes are made out of fabric which stretches in every direction. That's a guarantee of the comfort of use and perfect fitting. Every woman in police outfit will feel really strong! 

The details worked out in every detail will allow you to enjoy the police fun for a long time! Or maybe afterwards you will dare to try our other erotic costumes? After all, the pleasure of dressing up can have different scenarios - a predatory kitten, a sweet bunny, a housemaid, an innocent student, a stewardess. Oh, it's getting hot, isn't it? Now there's nothing to limit you - just let your imagination run wild! We promise that we will provide you with really hot costumes that will ignite the atmosphere in your bedroom will make the moments spent together will be unforgettable.... for a long, long time!