The most important rule of care, not only for lace lingerie, but also for all wardrobe items, is to follow the instructions on the label for each product.

Improper washing of delicate lace lingerie can cause the fabric to warp, shrink or lose colour. Deformation is not only the result of washing, but also drying on high-heat or improper storage. Thin lace, embroidery and delicate adornments are elements that can easily be damaged. Therefore, it’s worth finding a separate spot for them in the closet in order to prevent thread snagging or tearing the fabric.

The most common effects of improper lingerie care include:

  • deformations and shrinking of material
  •  loss of colour
  • wrinkles on bra cups
  • shrinking of corset boning which may lead to wires sticking out
  • fabric pilling

How to wash lace lingerie

  • Hand wash at a temperature no higher than 30° Celsius. Though allowed by some manufacturers, higher temperatures may strip the fabric of colour.
  • When washing delicate materials, use detergents that aren’t abrasive. Instead of a powder detergent, soap flakes or a laundry detergent for babies will be a good choice.
  • When washing, don’t rub the fabric too hard and don’t use any brushes. Let the material soak for a while in lukewarm water, and then gently wash the individual elements. If you need to treat a stain, use a terry cloth to do it.
  • If you do decide, however, to wash your lingerie in a washing machine, set a short washing program designed for delicate washing, with the lowest spin speed possible. Wash your lingerie in a suitable protective bag. Use special laundry balls to wash your In the case of coloured fabric, remember that the material may slightly bleed, especially in the first wash. Therefore, if you plan to wash coloured items in the washing machine, do the first wash by hand.

Drying lace lingerie

  • Do not put lingerie on a hot radiator or in direct sunlight. High drying temperatures may deform or discolour the fabric.
  • Instead of harsh wringing, lightly drain the water and wait patiently for the material to dry.
  • Place bras and panties on a drying rack in a horizontal position.
  • Never tumble dry your lingerie.


  • Do not store your lingerie with items that may damage the material, e.g. belts, buckles, clasps.
  • When storing lace fabric, make sure that the delicate material doesn’t come into contact with anything that it could be torn by.
  • Try to arrange contour bras without bending cups. Long-term storage of an improperly bent element may cause irreversible deformation of the cups.
  • You can buy a special container for storing contour bras or hang them on hangers in your closet.



Hand wash at 30° Celsius



Ironing at a maximum temperature of 110° Celsius


Do not use bleach or stain removers


Do not dry clean



Do not tumble dry