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  • 武德

    This robe is magic: when I come back home, whatever I endure in my day, everything disappears as soon as my skin is caressed by his delicate peignoir. Frankly, to me the thong is not useful: the see-through tissue naturally suggests my sensuality when I move: each mouvement gives the opportunity to discover my nudity under the beauty of the rose adornments. What about the sleeves with flared ends? My Beloved is delighted to play with it... and explore more! The elegant roses are so attractive and capture the regard. The way the robe lets see my breast is naughty as I wish! Finally, the satin belt is perfect... to slip in the hands of my Beloved and be used to cover my eyes, or tie his hands: give us inspiration to play together with our senses! Wear it gives to me the feeling to be WOMAN. (Posted on 01/04/2018)

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