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Handcuffs available in the Obsessive online shop’s offer are a toy with a clearly erotic character and a gadget that diversifies love play for two. Models in this category attract attention with their non-standard, feminine design, spicy accents that undoubtedly stimulate the senses and slightly more functionality than classic erotic gadgets.

Decorative handcuffs – an erotic toy with an incredible design

Dirty, unaesthetic and too obvious – are these the sex toys you already know? The Obsessive online shop offers a new dimension of pleasure with decorative handcuffs – a sex toy with an unusual design. A gadget that excites, provokes and encourages to act long before wearing. This is due to the decorative character of the toy, special attention to detail and intriguing accents, e.g. chains of non-standard length, leather bows and eye-catching adornments.

Handcuffs designed as part of the Obsessive collection are a spicy detail of evening and night styling – an accent that clearly states what you want. See how pleasant it can be to decide for yourself, even if you are (somewhat) submissive. 

Sexy handcuffs as a body decoration or a complement to sensual lingerie

Do you often reach for sets of sensual lingerie? By choosing sets from the offer of the Polish brand Obsessive, you can allow yourself more. In this category you will find sexy handcuffs – an erotic gadget addressed to lovers with different levels of experience and of various temperaments. This decorative sex toy will undoubtedly affect the quality of the evening, arouse desire, intrigue and stimulate the imagination.

The Obsessive women’s handcuffs are a secret weapon! It’s a sexy gadget that you can use solo as a spicy and exciting body decoration or treat it as a complement to a seductive outfit by combining it with matching lingerie. Regardless of which variant you choose, you will quickly learn the power that this inconspicuous toy hides.

Premium class handcuffs – get to know erotic toys made from excellent materials 

Bearing in mind the comfort and quality of our clients’ erotic life, the Obsessive online shop offers only premium class items. Decorative women’s handcuffs are an offer for two. In what situations should you have them with you?

- This erotic toy that was created with care for the smallest details will make your love evening more attractive. These tasteful handcuffs, thanks to the use of premium materials, look great on women’s wrists, however they like to change their owner. 

- The sexy gadget looks perfect in the pictures. Obsessive handcuffs, with bows or decorated with lace, can be used during a female photoshoot. See for yourself that spicy photos can be really tasteful.

An erotic toy for special occasions – are handcuffs an appropriate gift?

Until recently, erotic toys were reluctantly chosen as a gift – and the decorative Obsessive handcuffs are perfect for this role! Who and on what occasion should be given this sexy gadget?

- Extremely feminine, intriguing and encouraging to take action – this is what the  handcuffs with a chain, bow or lace are like. It’s a unique proposal for women with class. The tasteful model from the Obsessive collection should be chosen as a hot gift for a relationship anniversary – it doesn’t matter which one!

- Regardless of the nature and style of the party, decorative handcuffs should be given to a future bride. The bachelorette party will have faces blushing all over, but isn’t that what the night is about?

- Do you fancy a new experience? Take advantage of the upcoming Valentine’s Day or the upcoming Women’s Day and show your partner what you’re really counting on. Handcuffs given as a gift will be an unambiguous invitation to a bit spicier play for two.

- A sexy surprise for him, for example on his birthday or on International Men’s Day? A woman in decorative handcuffs is sure to awaken a real lover in him.

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