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Sexy legs

  • S800 - Nude stockings - color: Other
  • Amallie - Black stockings to the garter belt - color: Black
  • Rossita - Black stockings - color: Black
  • Arisha  - Stockings with lace - color: Black
  • Girlly - Delicate stockings with lace - color: Pink
  • Heartia - Black stockings - color: Black
  • Joylace - Stockings with black lace - color: Black
  • S812  - Sexy, black tights - color: Black
  • S811 - Sexy, self-supporting stockings - color: Black
  • Contica  - Stockings with lace - color: Black
  • 853-STO-2 - Stockings with white lace - color: White
  • Cheetia - Sexy, self-supporting stockings  - color: Black
  • Ailay - Sensual, black stockings - color: Black
  • Rosalyne - Sexy stockings with lace - color: Red
  • Laluna  - Stockings with lace - color: Black
  • Letica - Sexy, black stockings - color: Black
  • Jolierose - Sexy stockings  - color: Red
  • Mixty - Sexy, black stockings - color: Black
  • Chiccanta - Elegant, black stockings - color: Black
  • S808  - Self-supporting stockings with bows - color: Beige and Brown
  • 838-STO-3 - Sexy stockings - color: Red
  • S800 - Sexy, ruby stockings - color: Red
  • S800 - Delicate stockings ecru - color: Beige and Brown
  • 845-STO-1 - Sexy stockings - color: Black
  • 844-STO-1 - Stockings with blue lace - color: Black
  • 854-GAR-1 - Garter belt & thong - color: Black
  • 855-GAR-1 - Sensual garter belt & thong - color: Black

    Regular Price: €21,99

    Special Price €18,69

    Sizes :

  • 830-GAR-1 - Lacy garter belt & thong - color: Black
  • 810-STO-2 - White stockings - color: White
  • 810-STO-1 - Black stockings - color: Black
  • S800 - White stockings - color: White
  • S800 - Red stockings - color: Red
  • Catia - lace garter belt & thong - color: Black
  • Slevika  - sexy stockings - color: Black
  • S800 - Black stockings - color: Black
  • Charms  - elegant garter belt & thong - color: Black
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Not just for holidays - take care of beautiful and charming legs

Do you recall the girls from Revue? Do you remember how they expose their legs? Of course, high heels are an integral part of their wardrobe, but there is something else! One of the most common male fantasies. Beautiful legs in... sexy stockings! Absolutely with a belt! It is them that men dream about at night and dream about when they are awake. Take the example of those playful temptresses who know exactly what to do to focus the male gaze on themselves. So, make your beloved's desires come true and let yourself have erotic legs. Check out our sexy belts and stockings and choose the ones that best suit your naughty fantasies.

Sexy garter belts with lace, finished with a delicate net that reveals the secrets, or those with studs on the straps around the thighs. Such women's “toys” are a real lure for men and a perfect way to emphasize your femininity! Pleasant to the touch, elastic material of garter belts is a guarantee of a perfect fit to your shapes. Surely your beloved will be impressed by your appearance in such a sensual set! After all, nothing turns guys on better than beautiful legs wrapped in sensual stockings!

 Imagine the face of your beloved, when from underneath the seemingly everyday outfit leans out a seam of lace stockings... For him it will be a clear signal that soon a journey into the world of wild pleasure awaits him, and the waiting time will only turn up the atmosphere! Be sure to check out Obsessive store and choose stockings that will perfectly emphasize the beauty of your legs! Which model do you prefer? With a wide lace belt or a narrower one? We are ready for anything. Black, white, fleshy, red, burgundy - for every outfit and every occasion! Extremely feminine lace motifs will emphasize the beauty of your legs, and the delicate and velvety to the touch material from which they are made, will delight the senses of your beloved.

Stockings and garter belts available at Obsessive are a new level of insight into the sensual and playful world of pleasure! You probably know it all too well... After all, stockings have been with true ladies for years. Highlight the beauty of your legs and give your partner a clear signal that he can count on something more... Sex appeal combined with incredible wearing comfort. Such an experience is guaranteed by Obsessive stockings and garter belts! So, let your imagination run free and with every step expose the beauty of your legs in this extremely sexy gadget! You can be sure that your beloved will not remain indifferent to such a sight!