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Sexy top

  • Ailay - Amazing teddy - color: Black

    Sizes :

  • Laluna  - Elegant corset & thong - color: Black
  • 810-TED-1 - Sensual, black teddy - color: Black
  • Giftella - Unique, red teddy - color: Red
  • 853-TED-3 - Sensual, red teddy - color: Red
  • Leatheria  - Sexy, black teddy - color: Black
  • Ailay - Black corset & thong - color: Black
  • Mixty  - Amazing corset & thong - color: Black
  • Rosalyne - Sensual corset & thong - color: Red
  • Lolitte  - Sexy, black teddy - color: Black
  • Mixty - Senusal teddy with straps - color: Black
  • Megies  - Amazing tedy - color: Black

    Sizes :

  • Letica  - See-through corset & thong - color: Black
  • 829-BRA-3 - Bra with straps - color: Red
  • 867-TED-1 - Wonderful teddy - color: Black
  • Heartina - Sensual corset & panties - color: Black
  • 838-COR-1 - Black corset & thong - color: Black
  • Suella - unique teddy - color: Blue Product temporarily

    Sizes :

  • 810-BRA-2 - Delicate, white bra - color: White
  • Wonderia - sexy, black bra - color: Black
  • 810-BRA-1 - Lacy, black bra - color: Black

    Regular Price: €15,99

    Special Price €12,79

    Sizes :

  • 818-BRA-1 - Sensual, black bra - color: Black
  • Emperita - Sexy, black bra - color: Black
  • 838-BRA-3 - Sexy, red bra - color: Red

    Sizes :

  • Frivolla - bra with straps - color: Black
  • 810-COR-3 - Claret corset & thong - color: Red
  • Miamor - Sensual corset & thong - color: Red
  • Miamor - Turquoise corset & thong - color: Blue
  • 876-TED-1 - Sensual teddy  - color: Black
  • 871-COR-2 - Subtle corset & thong - color: White
  • 860-TED-2 - White teddy with straps - color: White
  • 869-TED-1 - Delicate teddy - color: Black
  • 862-TED-1 - Sexy teddy - color: Black

    Sizes :

  • 864-COR-1 - Sensual corset & thong - color: Black
  • 866-COR-1 - Sensual corset & thong - color: Black
  • 868-COR-1 - Black corset & thong - color: Black
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Sexy top for every occasion! 

Breast is one of the female attributes that often becomes the object of men's sighs. It is so important to them that they have been praising it for generations in poems and poetry written under the influence of the fascination. Now you understand how important this aspect is to them? Foster their interest by seducing them with a beautiful neckline, for which they will lose their heads! This love game can be just as intriguing and funny for you...

In our shop, you will find a huge selection of sexy lingerie tops, which will win men's hearts and will control their fantasies! And for really special occasions, when you want to show off your naughty. Show off your pugnacity and look at the blush that flushes on your beloved's face. This is even more than he dared to imagine in the most secret fantasies about you. 

Pay more attention to this amazing attribute that nature has given you. Give your breasts a little bit of attention and make them look sexy! No more stretched, poor quality bras. You're worthy of really luxurious cuts and soft-skinned materials. Remember that a well-chosen sexy top works wonders! The very awareness of having sexy underwear on yourself increases your self-confidence, translating it into more conscious movements, a change in the way you walk and better relations with the opposite sex. The world's largest coquettes, such as Marlin Monroe and Sophia Loren, have admitted that erotic underwear is their best companion and couldn't imagine a single day without a sexy set on!

In Obsessive, we know very well that the secret of well-chosen lingerie is not only its unique cut. It is important to match both the cut and the specific model. It is worth having several different lingerie models  in your wardrobe, without closing yourself to any of the options that may be useful in the least expected moment. Wear the more cut out ones, with adjustable and unfastened straps. You know best when the unruly protruding lingerie strap will affect the senses of your beloved, and when it will simply spoil the vision of your elegant creation. 

Focus on the perfect match. Measure your figure carefully and check out our icons that describe the solutions we use. If you are looking for a stable stiffener for a full bust, choose from those that are stiffened with underwires and made of elastic materials. For owners of smaller shapes, we recommend models that lift the breasts and visually enlarge them. With us, each of the ladies will find a sexy top!