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Spicy sets

  • Leatheria  - Red, sexy set  - color: Red
  • 859-COR-3 - Red, spicy corset - color: Red
  • Delishya  - Sexy, black set with open bust - color: Black
  • Delishya  - Purpure set - color: Other

    Sizes :

  • Heartia  - See-through, black corset - color: Black
  • Heartia - Padedd half bra and crotchless panties - color: Black
  • Shelle - Corset with open bust - color: Other
  • 859-COR-1 - Hot corset & panties - color: Black
  • 870-SEC-3 - Daring, red set - color: Red
  • Hetea  - Sensual, red set - color: Red
  • Liferia  - Set: cupless bra & crotchless thong - color: Black
  • Firella - Set: crotchless thong & mask - color: Black
  • Selvy - Wild set: bra & thong - color: Beige and Brown
  • Luvae - Daring, black set - color: Black
  • Letica  - Spicy, cupless set - color: Black
  • Megies - Daring, crotchless set - color: Black
  • Redella  - Daring set with chain - color: Black
  • Leatheria - Spicy set: bra & shorties - color: Black
  • Redella - Seductive, black set - color: Black
  • Miamor - Sexy, white set - color: White
  • 865-SET-1 - Sexy set: bra & thong - color: Black
  • 822-SEA-3 - Playful set: mask & panties - color: Red
  • Alabastra - lace lingerie set: underwire half-bra & crotchless thong - color: White
  • Miamor - daring set: half-bra & panties - color: Black
  • Lovica - sexy half-bra - color: Red

    Sizes :

  • Miamor - tempting half-bra - color: Black
  • Electricia  - Underwire bra & crotchless panties - color: Black Product temporarily
  • 858-GAR-1 - Sexy garter belt & thong - color: Black Product temporarily

    Regular Price: €26,99

    Special Price €13,49

    Sizes :

  • Stormea - Black corset with thong - color: Black Product temporarily
  • Tulia - Spicy set - color: Black Product temporarily

    Sizes :

Spicy promises, a game of senses - get to know erotic lingerie sets!

The unusual variety of your common moments has an effect on both partners. It raises the temperature, mixes in the head, heats the senses and warms the blood, which pulsates in the veins like a volcano awakening to life. What's better, instead of alcohol, they use sweet mutual desire for this purpose. No side effects, just pleasure and adoration. It is worth making sure that this temperature never drops! Surprise your partner with new, crazy ideas and hot erotic lingerie set by Obsessive.

Hot lingerie sets will be a great way to warm up the atmosphere like nothing else! You don't need to reach for any harder gadgets to capture the thoughts of a man. Your view in an erotic lingerie set will stay with him for days, weeks or even months. Perhaps every time when he will be reminded of the evening together, on his face will appear a smile reminiscent of common pleasures, which were introduced by you - in a naughty, hot outfit. Choose something special for you and make him this unspeakable promise of the madness of the night together. Show him a piece of your new underwear in the morning and let him fantasize all day long about what you will be going through this evening... After all, you are the biggest aphrodisiac for your partner. It is your body that dominates his fantasies and makes the blood flow faster. Common delightful moments are the greatest pleasure for him, creating the opportunity to show you unlimited feelings, emotions and closeness. Why not raise the temperature even more? His greatest fantasy in a provocative hot lingerie set? This cannot fail! Surprise him with your creativity, and he will pay you back with even greater commitment and desire, which will cause you to lose your breath for a while...