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tempting stewardess costume


Stewardess  - tempting stewardess costume - color: Gray

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Fly high!

Welcome aboard! If you’re holding this box in your hand – it means that you love having fun! With this stewardess costume you can take your lover into a great trip! And? You will definitely enjoy the flight. Seductive costume of one of the most sexy professions in the world!

  • the dress beautifully covers the body 
  • tempting openings on the belly and low neckline emphaze the breast 
  • combination of a high collar and short sleeves with the imitation of epaulet adds a uniform character 
  • cut out in the back frivolously shows the body curves 
  • the cap decorated with the sign of „Obsessive service" 
  • set includes: dress, amazing thong and cap 
  • elastic fabric which incredibly fits the body, emphazing its curves

  • FreakyFun!
    FreakyFun! Are you thinking about extreme fun? BINGO! With this costume every evening can change into a trip to the FUNtasyland!
  • highly elastic fabric
    highly elastic fabric This lingerie is made out of fabrics which stretch in every direction - perfect fitting guaranteed!
  • QualityCheck
    QualityCheck This item has been checked twice. Really! We are so rigid, because we care!
Stewardess  - tempting stewardess costume - color: Gray

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