Tempting stewardess costume

Tempting stewardess costume



How about flying high with an air stewardess fancy dress?

We invite you to board a brand new airline, signed with Obsessive logo! Each trip with us is a pure pleasure, and its culmination is the naughty moments of rapture just the two of you! The crew is waiting - a sensual stewardess in a fancy dress air hostess. This is something your beloved certainly doesn't expect... You can be sure that after one such spent trip, his appetite will increase! With you dressed in sexy stewardesses outfit, all-inclusive holidays will no longer be so attractive...

Who will you take on your private air travel? Probably your beloved will pack his suitcases quickly and join the expedition to the land of senses and pleasures. Is that right? We perfectly know that yes! No man can resist such temptation... Put on this extremely tempting air hostess uniform, get ready to take off and fulfil your fantasies high in the sky!

Which model will you choose? Top with adjustable straps and vertical boning, that perfectly accentuated your bust, with sexy garter belt and charming cap and scarf or maybe the one with an elegant collar, fastening below the neck and spicy openings on the front? 

One thing is for sure, every stewardess costume you find in Obsessive online store is a guarantee of fun for two! Together you will play your part and enter the gentle world of pleasure! This is going to be a real blast!

All our air hostess costumes are made out of fabrics which stretch in every direction. Thanks to this, they perfectly emphasize feminine shapes - they hide imperfections and show values. You can be sure that in each of our air hostess fancy dress you will feel exceptionally feminine and sensual. So, it's high time to start your journey to the land of love and pleasure! The countdown has just begun! Take the passport, air stewardess fancy dress, good mood and start onboarding! You have a long flight ahead of you - so take care of the right setting! Snacks, drinks, travel route... After all, love can be consumed in many ways!


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