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  • Arisha  - Stockings with lace - color: Black
  • S800 - Nude stockings - color: Other
  • Contica  - Stockings with lace - color: Black
  • 853-STO-2 - Stockings with white lace - color: White
  • Chiccanta - Elegant, black stockings - color: Black
  • Rosalyne - Sexy stockings with lace - color: Red
  • Drimera  - Stocking with deep blue lace - color: Blue
  • Jolierose - Sexy stockings  - color: Red Product temporarily
  • S808  - Self-supporting stockings with bows - color: Beige and Brown
  • Mixty - Sexy, black stockings - color: Black
  • Letica - Sexy, black stockings - color: Black
  • Cheetia - Sexy, self-supporting stockings  - color: Black
  • Laluna  - Stockings with lace - color: Black
  • Shibu  - Lacy, black stockings - color: Black
  • 853-STO-3 - Stockings with red lace - color: Red
  • Ailay - Sensual, black stockings - color: Black
  • Darkie - Daring stockings - color: Black
  • 867-STO-1 - Sexy, black stockings - color: Black
  • 874-STO-4 - Subtle, ecru stockings - color: Beige and Brown
  • S800 - Sexy, ruby stockings - color: Red
  • S800 - Delicate stockings ecru - color: Beige and Brown
  • 843-STO-2 - Stockings with ecru lace - color: White Product temporarily
  • 844-STO-1 - Stockings with blue lace - color: Black
  • 845-STO-1 - Sexy stockings - color: Black
  • 852-STO-1 - Black stockings with lace - color: Black
  • 853-STO-1 - Black stockings - color: Black Product temporarily

    Sizes :

  • Oriens - Sensual, black stockings - color: Black
  • 828-STO-1 - Sexy stockings - color: Black
  • 838-STO-3 - Sexy stockings - color: Red
  • S800 - White stockings - color: White
  • 810-STO-1 - Black stockings - color: Black
  • 810-STO-2 - White stockings - color: White
  • Charmea - sexy stockings - color: Black

    Sizes :

  • S800 - Red stockings - color: Red
  • Lovica - red stockings - color: Red

    Sizes :

  • Frivolla - sexy stockings - color: Black Product temporarily

    Sizes :

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Get white stockings and ask your beloved to treat you as an angel. With lacy adornments and incredibly soft fabric, they will take you straight to heaven. Want to be a naughty girl? Well, it's a piece of delicious cake! Choose sexy black stockings and surprise your man with a nasty look. With an appearance like this, you can tempt him all night long. Want to be a devilish woman? Nothing easier to do! Put on incredibly sexy, red stockings and ask your man to join your private love boudoir! What's going to happen next? Only you know it!

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