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frivolous, black nipple covers


Tassel - frivolous, black nipple covers - color: Black

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Tiny wonders!

Boring evening? No idea to heat an atmosphere? Obsessive is always a mine of ideas for couples. Take these little nipple covers and start the show for your beloved! You won’t forget black Tassel nipple covers to the end of your life!

Here are their hot naughty details:

  • nipple covers in the shape of heart
  • glossy fabric
  • trimmed with beautiful embroidery
  • playful tassel
  • reusable
  • 2 pcs in set
  • diameter – 6 cm
  • 100% polyester

  • Extras
    Extras Extras are must have for those who need intense experiences! They’re created excatly for you - to enjoy sex life even more!
  • QualityCheck
    QualityCheck This item has been checked twice. Really! We are so rigid, because we care!
Tassel - frivolous, black nipple covers - color: Black

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