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  • Ailay - Amazing teddy - color: Black
  • Mixty - Senusal teddy with straps - color: Black
  • Giftella - Unique, red teddy - color: Red
  • Leatheria  - Sexy, black teddy - color: Black
  • 853-TED-3 - Sensual, red teddy - color: Red
  • Lolitte  - Sexy, black teddy - color: Black
  • 810-TED-1 - Sensual, black teddy - color: Black
  • 867-TED-1 - Wonderful teddy - color: Black
  • 876-TED-1 - Sensual teddy  - color: Black
  • 860-TED-2 - White teddy with straps - color: White
  • 869-TED-1 - Delicate teddy - color: Black
  • 862-TED-1 - Sexy teddy - color: Black
  • 863-TED-3 - Sexy, red teddy - color: Red
  • 853-TED-1 - Intriguing teddy - color: Black
  • 859-TED-1 - Sexy teddy - color: Black
  • 852-TED-1 - Tempting teddy - color: Black
  • 846-TED-1 - Black teddy - color: Black
  • 860-TED-1 - Sexy teddy - color: Black
  • 860-TED-3 - Lacy teddy - color: Red
  • 820-TED-1 - Tempting teddy - color: Black
  • 829-TED-3 - Red teddy - color: Red
  • 821-TED-1 - Sexy teddy - color: Black
  • Suella - unique teddy - color: Blue Product temporarily
  • 812-TED-1 - Black teddy - color: Black
  • Alluria - sexy underwire teddy - color: Black
  • Wonderia - amazing teddy - color: Black Product temporarily
  • Frivolla - amazing teddy - color: Black
  • Moketta - amazing teddy - color: Black
  • Bondy - tempting teddy - color: Black
  • Luiza  - phenomenal teddy - color: Black
  • Luiza - extremally sexy teddy - color: Red

Sexy teddy is a guarantee of great fun for you!

Do you dream of elegant lingerie that will emphasize all your feminine curves? Try out Obsessive teddy underwear for ladies. Your and your beloved men imagination will be burning with hot and spicy fantasies! 

Black, white or red? Which colour do you prefer? All are very charming. See all our lingerie teddies and choose the best one, that suits to your dreams, needs and character. Of course, you don't have to limited…  See-through mesh for the evening, an intriguing combination of delicate lace and fishnet for dinner with your lover or maybe totally crazy model of teddy made of strips? If you'd like to be an innocent coquette – subtle, white teddy is just for you! Take a look at the adorable, flowery lace. It will emphasize the beauty of your body and change you into sweet candy. Naughty unwrapping? Let him do it tonight! But if you want to become a wild, she-cat… we have sexy bodysuits for a real temptress like you as well! How about a black teddy with a spicy open crotch? A tiny bit of experimenting – this is what you need to warm up your night! Checkmate! Now you know what to do with his desire.

At Obsessive, we always make sure that each of our teddy bodysuits has a detailed description with icons that will tell you all about its individual properties. This will help you find the perfect lingerie teddies for you. You do not have to worry about the comfort of wearing our sexy teddy lingerie! Each product is created for women and their needs, and before sending, its quality is tested. Thanks to this, all teddy bodysuit not only have a fantastic look but also steal women's hearts. Remember that your comfort during love games is just as important to us as the sensual look of teddies. By using high-quality fabrics and avoiding allergic elements, you can enjoy the pleasure of use, which will help you fully relax during hot evenings.