New Obsessive

Obsessive is more than just a lingerie brand, it’s a tribute to femininity. 

Through our elegant, sexy and seductive patternmaking, we inspire, support and encourage change! We wish to make women fall in love with their own bodies, so that they’re not intimidated to choose bold lingerie and feel special every day. 

We keep growing to keep up with women who are aware of their own sensuality and are starting to make their needs heard more and more confidently. 

Changing the appearance of our website and way of communication, a softer image in the media, and a more toned down way of presenting our products – it’s all for you dear Ladies!


A special collection

This spring, another change has taken place at the Obsessive shop. It’s a collection of products available only in our store. Especially for our clients, we have selected items that can be purchased only with us. They include the inimitable Cameliana strap corset, the captivating Amor Blanco chemise and Tropicanes – a bikini in juicy summer colours. The collection will keep being expanded with new proposals, don’t miss the new products!

Above all, our lingerie is designed with the emphasis of the beauty of the female body in mind. Regardless of where you live, who you are, how old you are and what size you wear – remember that you can feel wonderful, sexy and attractive. Choose Obsessive and cherish your femininity!