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Feather brings pleasure!

Looks like… tonight's gonna be a really spicy night! Discover subtle pleasure coming with every touch of this delicate feather on your skin. Ready to begin naughty experiments with your lover? Enjoy thousands of nice thrills you’ve never felt before!

Check these details:

  • incredibly soft feather designed to give subtle pleasure
  • elegant handle
  • bow and  pendant – naughty fun 
  • specially selected materials (50% real feather, 30% plastic, 20% polyester)

  • Extras
    Extras Extras are must have for those who need intense experiences! They’re created excatly for you - to enjoy sex life even more!
  • QualityCheck
    QualityCheck This item has been checked twice. Really! We are so rigid, because we care!
A716 - White tickler - color: White

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