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It tempts, intrigues, and highlights the advantages of a woman's figure in an incredibly hot way. Full of elegance and sex appeal, these designs will make you feel sexy and confident! Our bodystockings come in a variety of styles, including open crotch versions – an extremely comfortable solution that will work well during many romantic dates. The highly elastic mesh perfectly hugs the body, emphasizing all the advantages of the figure. The unique motifs of black, white, and red bodystockings beautifully decorate and enfold the body like a second skin.

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Bodystocking is lingerie for very special occasions. Depending on the chosen variant, it covers the torso and also the legs or arms. It’s hard to find a more sensual and stunning piece of clothing, so choose bodystocking when you want to make a stunning impression on your beloved!

Bodystocking - spicy nets

Bodystocking is undoubtedly the heaviest caliber in the arsenal of women's weapons, so it’s definitely worth having in your wardrobe. Even if your collection already includes various types of bras, corsets, panties, and stockings (delicate and innocent or very naughty), bodystocking will surprise both you and your partner.

The secret of bodystocking’s impact lies in the spicy balance between what is revealed and what is hidden. At first glance, this original type of lingerie seems to cover a large part of the body, but because it is transparent (to varying degrees) and playfully cut out, it actually beautifully showcases much more. So, if you are bored with traditional sets consisting of a bra and panties, it’s time to opt for a bolder solution, which is undoubtedly bodystocking.

What is bodystocking made of

Bodystocking originally comes from the hosiery segment, but over time this garment has evolved significantly. Today, one of the undeniable advantages of this type of lingerie is its variety, both in terms of cut and material used. To be both spectacular and comfortable, it must be elastic and easily adjustable to the body. Obsessive brand lingerie is made from very soft and elastic material (90% nylon, 10% elastane), providing maximum comfort. The use of Multistretch technology ensures it stretches in every direction, guaranteeing a perfect fit. Obsessive products are additionally made from selected fibers woven to provide an exceptionally clear pattern and durable weave. Unexpected snag or hole requiring darning? Not with Obsessive.

For bold women, the brand has prepared stunning bodystocking made of elastic, openwork mesh. The characteristic feature of this model is the large fishnet holes that contrast with the beautifully exposed body, catching the eye. You can also choose a model made of elastic openwork mesh with small holes, very soft and pleasant to the touch. Such a creation hugs the entire body, beautifully shaping the silhouette and highlighting feminine assets.

Types of bodystocking, or what is visible and what remains covered

The level of coverage of bodystocking depends primarily on its texture and pattern. Alongside models that are only slightly transparent, there are those that are almost see-through, so it is easy for every woman to choose something suitable for herself. Bodystocking can be smooth, openwork, mesh, or lace. If you are just starting your adventure with bold lingerie, choose a more covered model with fancy decorations. It can cover the neckline, breasts, abdomen, arms, thighs, and even the entire legs. Of course, only enough to give your partner a clear signal of what might happen next…

Women who have already tried many models of bold, even daring lingerie, can choose from very skimpy and transparent sets. Obsessive offers bodystocking with an open and beautifully exposed bust, as well as with an open crotch.

You can choose from different colors. Whether you like innocent white, classic black, or hot red, you will find something for yourself in the Obsessive offer.

The secret of bodystocking, or the secret hole

For the most daring women, there are versions with an opening at the crotch. In such bodystocking, you will certainly surprise your partner even if you have already experienced a lot together. Models with playful open crotch slits captivate with rich designs and spicy decorations reminiscent of a tribal tattoo. The effect is all the more stunning because you can stay in this seductive costume until the grand finale of your shared games. Feel the touch of your beloved through the sensual fabric! For both of you, it will surely be an unforgettable adventure that you will want to repeat quickly.

Obsessive bodystocking is delicate but at the same time elastic and very durable, which additionally beautifully shapes the entire body. Thighs, arms, neckline, breasts, and abdomen in a seductive outfit will look even more spectacular, gently masking feminine imperfections.

Spicy additions to the original bodystocking

Obsessive designers ensure that the bodystocking styles are varied, unique, and above all unforgettable. That is why the brand’s offerings stand out with such elements as:

  • richly decorated fabric,
  • optical slimming motifs at the top of the thighs,
  • leg decorations imitating stockings,
  • vertical stripes on the abdomen that cleverly slim the silhouette,
  • fancy combination of top and stockings,
  • sensual straps wrapping around the abdomen,
  • ties on the neck and back for perfect fit,
  • vertical slimming stripe at the back of the stockings.

The Obsessive offer also includes unique two-piece bodystocking that fits the body perfectly. The appropriately placed strap pattern makes the breasts, waist, and hips clearly defined, while the exposed buttocks are wonderfully highlighted. Additionally, stockings give this lingerie a very feminine character.

How to wear bodystocking

To make sure bodystocking fulfills its purpose and delights you, while knocking your partner off their feet, you need to choose it well. After selecting the style and color, it’s time to choose the size. Since Obsessive lingerie is made from high-quality elastic materials, this will be an easy task. For bodystocking, simply measure your waist and hips, and then use the clear size chart to select the right size. Bodystocking is available in sizes: S/M/L and XL/XXL.

The outfit should be worn on bare skin, starting from the lower part, which is pulled up gently like stockings. The elastic material ensures it should not cause any problems, but on the other hand, it’s worth taking your time with this task. Before rushing into the awaiting arms of your beloved, make sure the costume fits well, seams and straps are properly aligned, and all cutouts and openings are in place. This way, you will feel more confident and comfortable. After putting on the bodystocking, it’s worth taking a calm look in the mirror. Check for yourself how impressed you will be…

Bodystocking is primarily erotic lingerie, which is worth wearing when you want a hot evening full of emotions. But you can wear a seductive outfit, for example, during a dinner for two, to beautifully shape the silhouette. And if your partner notices sensual fragments of lace or mesh at the table, well… dessert will have to wait for you.

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