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A healthy mind in a healthy body

A healthy mind in a healthy body

A "sport" that gives plenty of joy only when you do it with the person you love? No, it’s not riding a tandem bicycle, but coordinating your movements together works really well here. Playing squash? Well, you’ll need to generate a lot of energy, but it still isn’t the right answer. So… can you guess what it is?

Today you’ll take care of your body and mind. And, by the way, you’ll take care of each other! Ready? Here’s your perfect plan for the night full of pleasurable effort and joy!

You’ll need

Ok. Just a few things you need to remember about. They’re gonna turn up your love!

  1. Lingerie! It must fit perfectly – with your body and your needs. Just like Heartina set which amazingly accentuates tasty shapes of a female body.
  2. Pair up. Only the two of you, with nobody else around. Pair work is sometimes the best solution. Synchronize your hearts!
  3. Take some time off and don’t plan any other “things to do”. It’s better to be free from little distractions around.
  4. Think about your safety – don’t let unexpected injuries spoil your night. A nice mattress may come in handy in this sport. It can be your bed if you want.
  5. Fluids, fluids. American scientists long ago proved something that Italians have always known: drinking wine can lengthen… your life. So instead of drinking water, get a bottle of red wine.

Light meal

Physical activity and empty stomach don’t go well together. So start with a light bite. Fruit will be perfect. Grapes, strawberries, melons. They’ll gently satisfy your hunger and let you have fun while giving each other little pieces to taste. And red wine? It raises blood pressure and improves physical condition. Try it!

Turn on the water and feel even better

Another step towards hot atmosphere? Get wet! Nothing is as stimulating for the body as… taking a shower together. Change the water temperature from time to time and let it improve your blood circulation. Little body-to-body massage will intensify pleasurable feelings!


Ready, steady, go! But before you go to the main point, you need to warm up your bodies and improve your flexibility. Do some stretching together. Stimulate your face, arms and legs muscles. Take breaks and rest for a while. Do every exercise at the same pace and remember about the partner’s needs.


Good warm-up done? Let’s go for more pleasure! Keep your balance and concentration – time for cardio. Speed up and let the temperature go up! Every move takes you closer and closer to the desired goal. It’s getting warm, warmer, hot! Need some motivation? Sexy crop will help you increase the heat even more!

Ready to take up this exciting sport? Three, two, one… get the action started!