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Basic Instinct – let it inspire you

Basic Instinct – let it inspire you

The movie night has never been so Obsessively naughty before! Prepare snacks and drinks – it will be really hard to go away from the screen. You’ll feel a wild desire to discover new sensations. Ready for a great dose of exciting thrills with Basic Instinct? Here we go!

Basic Instinct in short

If you’ve never seen this must-watch movie, you definitely should catch up! Our spicy tip – do it together with your beloved man!

A brief summary? Here you are!

The Basic Instinct movie tells a story of a handsome and defiant detective Curran (Michael Douglas). You know this type of a guy – strong and extremely desirable. He investigates a murder of the owner of a music club. One of the main suspects is the victim’s lover – a beautiful and mysterious writer, Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone). She’s an author of a novel in which the main character dies in exactly the same way. A strange coincidence, isn’t it? Fascinated with the femme fatale, the detective gets involved in a hot love affair and a very dangerous game. A clichéd story? No way! Basic Instinct is far from it!

Famous scenes in Basic Instinct: White dress, cigarette and fan

A scenario written by life? Or life written by a book scenario? That is the question! There’s a huge load of emotions, jealousy, affection and passion ahead of you. Together with the incredibly handsome actor, Michael Douglas, and amazing Sharon Stone… it’s a mind-blowing mix!

Example? The famous, sensual scene in interrogation room. Dressed in a white and very short dress, Sharon Stone frivolously plays with officers. And the best is yet to come!

Let this movie be…

…the beginning of a very exciting evening! And let the hot scenes be your inspiration. White dress (how about Dressita from Obsessive?), whiskey with ice and a new story about adventures of a sexy woman possessed by desire. It’s going to be even hotter if you write your interrogation scene together with your handsome detective!