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Beach jewelry – how to match it with a swimsuit?

Beach jewelry – how to match it with a swimsuit?

Vacation is a special time of the year - we finally have time for ourselves and either celebrate it with a loved one or, on the contrary, we have space and a greater desire for romance and entering new relationships.  Vacation is the best time to fall in love!

Dare to wear body jewelry.

You’ve got your vacation planned and you’ve bought the bikini, but is that all you need on the beach? To look beautiful, stock up on jewelry! We’ll advise you how to match it to your swimsuit.

In both cases, we want to look phenomenal and tempting. The right bathing suit is a must on the beach (we’ve already talked about that).  ;-)

A bikini or a one-piece swimsuit? 

Each of us faces these dilemmas (and we help you solve them), but you shouldn’t forget to complete your summer outfit with accessories and jewelry. Here you can really let yourself go and get a ‘wow’ effect using small tricks. We’re not just talking about classic women’s jewelry, i.e. necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or ankle chains. An entire range of super fancy jewelry and intimate jewelry comes to our rescue here. 

A must-have not only for the beach is a body chain bijou-901 that will beautifully embrace and decorate the whole body while emphasizing curves and attracting attention. 

Our long, gold Bijou-904 necklace looks great with a sexy bikini, but will also beautifully spice up even a simple one-piece swimsuit. Of course, it can also be used with a top and shorts, a dress, or elegant bodysuit, but also at night in the bedroom... 

The silver Bijou-906 necklace will not only beautifully emphasize the bust, but also highlight an attractive back.

Another hit of the season is a chain for the hips, which will attract the eyes of not only your friends but, above all, the opposite sex. It’ll look great with bikinis and short tops, which have been pretty fashionable lately. Effectively closed a few centimeters above the pareo, it’ll add edge to your entire beach outfit. 

Time for summer madness 

Let's allow ourselves a bit of slack in the summer. Holidays are a time of fun, so let's enjoy the weather, sun, company, and fashion. Remember that men are visual learners and the first impression can only be made once.

Summer vacation is a time of madness, so it’s worth going beyond the scheme and decorating those parts of the body that have been forgotten so far.