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Black bodystocking and more – everything you need to know about the sexiest lingerie in the world!

Black bodystocking and more – everything you need to know about the sexiest lingerie in the world!

It seduces, intrigues and fabulously emphasises the assets of the female figure! It embraces the body with sex appeal giving you a sense of a second skin and a feeling of self-confidence. What is it? The bodystocking – in our opinion, the sexiest lingerie in the world. Why do we love it so much and what makes it stand out among other categories? Continue reading to see for yourself! 


If you still haven’t had a chance to wear a bodystocking, we’re here to convince you that it’s so worth it! Let’s start by answering the question of what a bodystocking is. It is… the best erotic lingerie that you can have in your wardrobe! A mesh that is super elastic and resistant to damage wonderfully snugs the body, all the same emphasising all of the figure’s assets. The unique motifs beautifully adorn and wrap the body like a second skin. Our bodystockings are models with an open crotch that makes them an especially comfortable and convenient solution in the bedroom. The elegant and sex appealing designs will let you feel sexy and confident! Will you fall in love with the bodystocking?


When the thought of an upcoming evening in the arms of your significant other arises, a question of “What should I wear?” automatically appears as well. Normally, this would be no surprise as we all know that women’s fashion dilemmas are an endless story, however, the case is quite different when it comes to lingerie – you just know that that night you will put on the bodystocking! The question is, which model to go for?

You think “classic black” – you say “this is it”! Elegance, chic and full femininity, and all this filled with an immeasurable amount of sex appeal. Such pleasure tastes best in a spicy version with an open crotch that not only encourages naughty play, but also allows for unrestrained cat moves. For those of you who have already fallen in love with our bodystocking models, we have something special – the newest collection has been enriched with animal prints. We will give you a little hint as to the huge asset of these models – they look phenomenal on every body shape! 


Yes! Juicy red is definitely something He will go crazy for! Choose a bodystocking in red and we guarantee you that the atmosphere will quickly start to blush! A romantic evening will turn into spicy foreplay that will lead you straight to action. Do you feel like going a bit wild and making your innermost desires come true? A red bodystocking will make an ideal companion to sensual play with a finish at dawn!

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