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Colourful lingerie – give yourself some pleasure!

Colourful lingerie – give yourself some pleasure!

Colours are a fascinating subject in the context of fashion styling. Based on eye and hair colour as well as skin tone, stylists are able to perform a colour analysis that will answer the question of what type of clothes suit you best. And what about lingerie? Should the choice of it also be dependent on something? 


We sometimes hear that the colour of clothing and lingerie reflects the mood or personality of the wearer. This theory makes us wonder whether our bra colour in a given moment has any particular meaning. You can now see for yourself. If the bra that you currently have on is nude-coloured, it may mean that for you the most important thing in life is the inner-self, and that you’re a practical person who values comprehensive solutions. Or perhaps you put on a white lingerie set today? So maybe you’re a subtle romantic? A red bra under your shirt surely means self-confidence, the urge to seduce and a hot temper. Whereas classic black puts you in the category of women who are elegant and mysterious, though a bit common due to the universality of that colour. So? Do you still feel like labelling? 


According to Ayurveda – the ancient Indian medicine, colours have healing powers. Those who don’t really believe in the power of such messages, use this knowledge to just boost their mood. The yellow colour can give you more energy, white has the ability to cleanse and improve wellbeing, purple will calm the mind, green will help you relax, blue will enhance concentration, pink will make you kinder, red braver, and black, well, apparently it takes energy away, so it won’t be good choice for brightening up the day. So which one are you going to go with? 


Coco Chanel once said that “the best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you”. We’re tempted to add – “and undoubtedly the one that you feel best in…”. Forget about all the “good advice” regarding colours for a second and just see if our colourful products fit your taste! 

Bloomys – a pink and white set. Snowy white and vivid pink, together with delicate lace and a simple belt, form a very interesting combo. The sports character of the smooth elastic band is mixed here with the delicate elegance of lace flowers. The buttock-covering panties and the classic cut of the bra add girlish innocence to this set, while the translucent material leaves some room for the imagination. This set of lingerie can really change the daily routine! 

Giselia – a blue teddy. An unconventional cut combined with an energising and vivid colour. The design with a unique inverted V-neck looks very interesting on the neckline. The clearly defined underwires beautifully emphasise the bust, while making a very original adornment. Juicy colour, unconventional cut, oriental lace pattern and inserts made from elastic mesh – here’s a lingerie recommendation that will just give you energy to act.  

Lonesia – a red collection: set and garter belt. Beautiful red in the best version! Smooth mesh finished with an embroidered floral pattern. The classic cut of the bra, panties and garter belt will make this energising set fit perfectly to everyday outfits.  

Lilines – an original and imaginative teddy. Girly powder pink has been combined here with black accents, and translucent floral lace with a smooth, elastic, and slightly see-through fabric. All that with an unconventional cut finished with a sexy cutout between the breasts. Fantasy, elegance and the power of femininity – that’s a brief summary of this extraordinary piece of lingerie.  

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