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Lingerie for Valentine’s Day – key to her heart

Lingerie for Valentine’s Day – key to her heart

Are you full of ideas for Valentine’s Day 2022 and not sure what to go with? Or maybe you’re looking for a last minute gift? It happens to the best of us! Regardless of the situation, we’re rushing with solid ideas for Valentine’s Day lingerie. We have a complete list of wonderful sets and accessories for you that will stay in your and your partner’s memory (and fantasies) for a long, long time!

Lingerie for Valentine’s Day is an annual surefire gift idea. Interest in the topic of lingerie significantly increases towards the end of January. That’s why we’ve put together a complex gift guide to Valentine’s Day lingerie for you. We’ll be looking at new products and trends for 2022! Read carefully – get inspired!

What lingerie to get for Valentine’s Day? No more doubts!

Sexy lingerie for Valentine’s Day is definitely a go-to gift idea. There’s no question about it. It’s not just useful, but most of all, it helps build your relationship in bed. We can actually say that lingerie is an accessory that makes both sides happy – it’ll make your partner feel feminine, and you will be guaranteed unforgettable views. Are your cheeks blushing too? Jump over to the new Mettia collection that sensually wraps the body and is made from slightly translucent lace. The garter belt and meticulously cut panties will make the thermometers in your home go through the roof! And all this thanks to hot red. 

kobieta w czerwonej bieliźnie

Lingerie sets for Valentine’s Day

It’s time to flip through Obsessive catalogs! Seductive, charming, spicy… anything she dreams of. Check and see what kind of lingerie is missing in your girl’s closet. Try to go by the color. The blue Cobaltess set is a great recommendation.  The lace set will perfectly adjust to her body. The floral pattern is accentuated by a tiny, shimmering pendant. If she prefers something more fiery, check out the red corset. It can be used interchangeably with a ferocious bra. Once you start looking at the Obsessive items, it’ll be difficult to stop! Enjoy searching for new offers and putting together various elements of sexy lingerie. How about coquettish stockings on your goddess’ legs?

kobieta w czerwonym gorsecie

Not just lingerie for Valentine’s Day

Think about what you haven’t tried yet. After all, every relationship needs to experiment sometimes, try out totally new and unpredictable things. How about women's jewelry? The silver necklace will exceed your wildest expectations. It’ll work as a delicate outfit element, but also as… skimpy lingerie. Add a translucent chemise to the gift – trust us, it’s a perfect duo!

Choose a style

Choosing lingerie for Valentine’s Day may be quite the challenge. Before you decide, think about the style your partner likes. Is she into nice and innocent sets, or perhaps gothic lace? If your answer is closer to the second option, jump over to the Elizenes collection. The incredible binding on the front of the corset tempts and electrifies, and in combination with sheer lace… the atmosphere will be truly otherworldly! We’d like to remind you that chokers are still in fashion! Pair the set with some sexy gloves. You’ll see that a full moon will unexpectedly illuminate your bedroom, adding fantasies to your bedroom fun!

A bedroom business card

Has anyone booked a night with a hot businesswoman? If your SO is the strong woman type who determines the rules of the game, we have something special! The black Blanita bra and skirt is a set that must land in her closet! The black satin material emphasizes a strong leader’s personality. The pencil skirt subtly accentuates the figure and the lace sides will have your gaze fixated on her. Get ready for a series of extra spankings from your beauty!

A bathrobe for Valentine’s Day? A little more on the sweet side!

Bathrobes! A non-obvious element of nightwear. By getting your partner a bathrobe or peignoir you’ll make her feel like a Vogue cover model. When used daily it’ll give her a sense of comfort and sex appeal, whereas worn at foreplay it’ll let her flirtatiously hide the secrets prepared for the night! The black leopard print peignoir  will awaken her inner kitten.

Go for the bottom, i.e. panties for Valentine’s Day!

Have you thought about buying a lingerie bottom? At Obsessive you’ll find a huge selection of various kinds of panties. If this is your first time buying lingerie for your lady, perhaps it’s good to start with the bottom. In our catalog you’ll find classic and comfy briefs, but also skimpy, enticing thongs. Why limit yourself? Try out something extreme and offer your partner open panties. Valentine’s Day is the best time for some craziness!

kobieta w czerwonej bieliźnie

Best for last!

Nothing seems to convince you 100% and you want to be assured that your lady will be happy? A gift card will be a solution to your problem. The possibility of choice will not only be a pleasure, but also super fun for her. Imagining which lingerie she’ll look sexiest in will increase her self esteem and sense of femininity. She’ll definitely be happy with this present, and who knows… maybe you’ll choose a set together for your next spicy evening!

We wish you wonderful, fun-filled celebrating with Obsessive! Kisses.


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