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Lingerie in the lead role

Lingerie in the lead role

When the first sexbombs of (back then silent) film seduced their on-screen partners by taking off long, lace gloves and showing a little skin, outraged viewers would leave the cinemas as a sign of protest. Back then it was unacceptable to show lingerie or nudity on screen.

Since then times and customs have changed, and the movie world’s fascination with women is as strong as ever. From sensual corsets worn by Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City” through tulle skirts to Bridget Jones’ shaping panties - underwear has been playing the main role in film. In movies it’s our attribute, our secret weapon, or just an indispensable part of our lifestyle. An example of this is Pamela Anderson’s famous beach look in “Baywatch” or the black, skin tight Charlie’s Angels costumes make Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore unbelievably dangerous, but also super sensual.

Wall calendar

In 2022, in each subsequent month, we will present you in this post famous female film roles as seen through the eyes of Obsessive. Let this year inspire you to have fun and adventure. Are you ready to see amazing movie stylizations with Obsessive lingerie in the lead role? Let's start!

This is not where it ends! 

 We have gone through all the months, but there’s one more bonus calendar page that we’d like to use to wish you all the best for the upcoming year. Do you remember what Charlies’ Angels were characterized by? Skin tight costumes it was so difficult to keep our eyes off of? That too, but most of all it was, courage, sex appeal and lots of self-confidence. Besides that, they always had another Angel next to them that they could rely on – girl power! That’s exactly what Obsessive wishes you this year – be super agents every day! And if you decide that you need a sex costume to carry out that plan, you know where to find us ;) 


The scene where Bridget Jones arrives at a family dinner party dressed as a sexy bunny wouldn’t be so funny if it weren’t, well… for the sexy bunny costume! There are probably only a few other characters who were equally as endearing as her – a little disheveled, but super funny Bridget that every one of us can relate to even just a little. In our calendar version, the Obsessive Bridget writes in her diary wearing warm slippers, flannel pyjamas, but also… the extremely sexy Yassmyne bra. Mark Darcy would not be able to resist her in an outfit like that! 


A true on-screen lingerie revolution was made by Sex and the City. From the romantic lace sets worn with silk robes by Charlotte York, through sensual corsets from the always-ready-to-experiment Samantha Jones, all the way to the elegant bras that Carrie Bradshaw would boldly pair with her skirts – we still want to have all of these wonders in our wardrobe! And even though over twenty years have passed since the premiere of the series, its characters still continue to inspire new generations of women. We’re wondering what Carrie would say if she saw the look we came up with. Do you think she’d like it? 


Do you remember that scene in the Titanic when Kate Winslet asks Leonardo DiCaprio to draw her like one of his French girls, and then disrobes from her peignoir? If you’ve seen the movie (is there really anyone who has never seen the Titanic?), then it’s impossible to forget. No wonder that the Internet is riddled with spinoffs of the scene, and that the “French girls” line already belongs to some of the most famous movie quotes. Not too many know, however, that the iconic drawing was created by no other than the director himself – James Cameron.  

Lashy peignoir


The first autumn month in our calendar belongs to the most famous archer in the history of cinema (and literature), i.e.  Katniss Everdeen – the main character of The Hunger Games. In order to get into the character, Jennifer Lawrence trained archery and worked out three times a day over a period of three months! Thanks to this, she was able to create the character of one of the most recognizable fighters of pop culture. To show her womanly power, we dressed our model in the bold Stormea bodysuit and leather harness.  

Black teddy


The mystery is solved – another movie by Quentin Tarantino to appear in our calendar is of course Pulp Fiction. It’s almost impossible to believe that Uma Thurman did not want to play the famous Mia Wallace at first. Allegedly it was Tarantino himself who convinced her by reading her the ENTIRE screenplay over the phone. If Uma had actually turned down the role of Mia, she probably would have made the biggest mistake in her career, because it was precisely that role that made her the sex symbol of the nineties, and the black lingerie worn under her white shirt has since become a sexy standard.  


Probably not too many remember what Baywatch was exactly about, but many remember the red swimsuit worn by Pamela Anderson. Oh, it’s hard to forget it. Supposedly, Pamela was close to not landing her most famous role, because… she was too pretty. The producers were scared that she would steal the audiences’ entire attention. It seems that their fears turned out to be right, because even after so many years, Pamela still evokes a lot of emotions (especially in the opposite sex).


The white dress flaunted by Marilyn Monroe’s character who accidentally stood over subway grates in one of the scenes of The Seven Year Itch also went down in history. It’s one of the most popular scenes of all time and one of the most popular outfits we’ve ever seen in cinema. Apparently Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn’s husband at the time, was unbelievably jealous about the scene. Maybe he thought it revealed too much, but in reality it didn’t reveal anything. Thanks to it Marilyn went down in history, and so did the dress: white, with a loose bottom and a deep neckline, tied at the neck – it still remains the most famous outfit to have ever appeared on the big screen, inspiring millions of women. 

Apparently it’s diamonds that are a girl’s best friend, but we decided to dress our Marilyn in pearls. The model is wearing a bra from the Delicanta set, adorned with a pearl necklace


For many, Quentin Tarantino’s movies mean lots of blood and dark humor. It’s hard not to agree, but it’s also hard to forget the wonderful women’s roles that have since become classics of cinematic history.

Therefore, Kill Bill and Uma Thurman’s iconic yellow jumpsuit could not be missed in our calendar. Instead of a bucket full of fake blood, we chose the Luiza teddy.

It’s also pretty impressive, isn’t it? It’s not the only Tarantino movie character to appear in our calendar. Can you guess who else will be in it? The mystery will be solved in the coming months.


Another classic is the interrogation scene in “Basic Instinct” and the question of whether Sharon Stone is wearing lingerie in it remains one of the biggest movie mysteries.


We dressed our model in a sexy Bossy costume and an elegant Delicanta set. Any other spicy questions?


The most recognizable scene from the cinema classic of the 90s, the American Beauty movie, is certainly the one full of red rose petals. And although originally the actress did not wear any underwear, we wanted to dress our model in Obsessive. In well-fitting lingerie – a red, lace-trimmed corset, a smooth thong, and matching stockings – she feels like the soft fabric is her second skin. We wonder which Obsessive lingerie set would the actress – Mena Suvari – choose for herself.

The model is wearing our Lovica corset and stockings from the same collection.


January 2022

There are movies that wouldn’t be the same without lingerie. In January, we present to you our vision of a great cinema blockbuster. Ladies and gentlemen here comes: Fifty Shades of Grey!

Corset, thong and stockings Ailay

This movie wouldn’t arouse such emotions if it weren’t for the entire assortment of erotic gadgets in the possession of Christian Grey. All those face masks, paddles, and handcuffs made Anastasia Steele experience even more pleasure, and many women decided to experiment in the bedroom. We also encourage you to do so.

Do you want to know what film character we will introduce to you in the coming months? We invite you to follow our social media and the website of our Obsessive store.



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