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Night in movie style

Night in movie style

Do you remember our Obsessive Valentine’s Time? We had plenty of great fun reading the scenarios for couples who want to spend a fantastic time together at home! And as you probably know – we love the idea of “Valentines all year round”! So… let’s make it happen! Ready? Check these super-duper inspirations!

Together is better – always and everywhere. You know it so well! And you also know that love is like a flower. It blooms when you care about it and dies when you forget to do it. For day-to-day care, follow one of our special scenarios!

Straight out of the city of dreams coming true, Hollywood, a scenario for a sexy night full of exciting twists!

Night in movie style

Just don’t worry – it won’t cost you a fortune. You don’t have to buy a camera or props and you can do without a movie crew. Everything’s really simple. Here’s what you need to prepare a night like in the movie:

  1. Sexy chemise (come and get it >>> CHEMISES)
  2. Blindfold (take your favourite one home >>>BLINDFOLDS)
  3. Tasty treats!
  4. Candles

Things from the list completed? Go to the first part of the scenario. Let the action begin!

Shot 1: Morning text message

The night starts in the morning! Didn’t know it? Well, now you know and you can use this secret knowledge! Waiting inspires desire. So the first thing you should do is send him a message with a tempting invitation to candlelit dinner. And that’s it! He’s begging you to tell him more? No way. He has to wait. If you want to spice the atmosphere up, add a little hint to your next message: a photo showing a piece of your lace lingerie…

Shot 2:

Nobody knows your beloved better than you do. And you know what he loves most! Pizza? Sushi? Burgers? Or maybe a nicoise salad? Prepare his favourite food or go for a takeaway. It must be delicious. The more flavors, the better. Trust us, the best is coming...

Got your mouth watering? Here we go!

Shot 3: Romantic atmosphere and Obsessive lingerie

You need to make a tiny effort to turn your place into a pleasure chamber. Dim light of the candles will let you feel the special atmosphere. And here comes Obsessive! Put on a sexy chemise (or anything you want) to show him that this dinner is going to be incredibly delightful…

Shot 4: Meeting – tasting

Imagine this exciting moment. You’re waiting at home, everything’s perfectly prepared and suddenly… he’s coming! Make him sit in a comfortable place and cover his eyes with the blindfold. It's a perfect moment to turn up the action! He’s hungry? Get the tasty part started and let him try your treats. A special challenge for him? Guessing the names of the tidbits! He’s going to like the reward – a sexy kiss from you (not only on his lips) for every correct answer. Wrong answer? Punish him just the way you like!

Shot 5: Climax

This is what you’ve been waiting for. And there’s a delicious dessert ahead of you! Whipped cream? Hot chocolate? Or maybe something else? It doesn’t matter. The icing on the cake is you!

Closing credits? Write them yourself…

To be continued...