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OBSESSIVE – Inspire Your Desire with a real LOVE STORY…

OBSESSIVE – Inspire Your Desire with a real LOVE STORY…

OBSESSIVE is a brand that was created out of the heart’s needs and bodily desires. To (make) love in an unconventional way, going beyond the usual patterns and adding spiciness to the most intimate closeness between two people. And we mean it literally. Because the history of the brand is nothing other than the LOVE STORY of its founders – Mr. and Mrs. Szpila.

The challenge

Exactly 15 years ago, as works on the brand were taking off, its founders noticed a shortage of nice and high-quality sexy and erotic underwear on the market. They also guessed that millions of people around the world dreamed of the same thing, even if they didn’t openly speak about it. Therefore, they decided to build a brand of good quality underwear for young and mature women who have something in common – they’re aware of their assets and go-getter attitude. 

Thanks to the simplified sizing, those gentlemen who see their woman as both a friend and a sex goddess no longer have a problem selecting lingerie to delight their partner and break the routine in the bedroom.

The solution

May is the brand’s month, as exactly 15 years ago in May its business plan was created. It’s also the time when Spring is in full swing, in which nature takes a deep breath and blossoms unfettered with what is best in it. Obsessive took off just as boldly, and the first 25 designs saw the light of day 15 years ago during a photoshoot with a young Natalia Siwiec. 

The success of the first collection exceeded the wildest expectations of its founders. Our creativity and craftsmanship no longer fit into a single room rented in an old townhouse. The brand was growing so fast that in a short time it required a whole story and then an even bigger house with an added hall. 

Currently, the company’s headquarters in the Silesian Czaniec amounts to 2,000 m of warehouse space and 500 m of office space; it has its branch in Warsaw and will soon open another one in Bielsko-Biała. The company employs over 100 people in Poland and the brand’s products are already available all over the world (in 57 countries!). Our products can be found in around 700 shops in Poland.

The implementation

Everyone wants to love (although not everyone admits it :) ). To feel closeness. To constantly fuel the passion. Obsessive aims to provide joy and excitement in the most intimate sphere of life, reaching out to millions of people around the world. Yes, yes – because the sexy lingerie, erotic outfits, bathing suits, and accessories (including perfumes with pheromones!) by Obsessive can be found not only in several hundred locations in Poland, but also in the world’s tallest building in Dubai or in the exotic Mauritius.

Paying close attention to customers from almost every nook of the globe, the brand has created three product lines: Sexy, Spicy, and Fun. Delicate, sensual, or fiery? Obsessive customers can choose from a wide range of products in various styles.

Obsessive currently operates twofold: both as B2B and B2C and certainly it hasn’t had its last word... Because such a dynamically operating Polish brand in the world is a rarity.

The result

Obsessive took the world market of high-quality sexy lingerie by storm, becoming its most prominent and recognizable manufacturer. The lingerie sets, seductive bodysuits, or nightgowns are delivered across a few continents, providing Obsessive customers with an extraordinary unboxing experience.

The fact that Obsessive lingerie adds color to both the everyday life of women and the bedrooms of millions of couples is reflected in its awards. The brand has been awarded, among others, the QI Product 2013 as the Leader of the Decade or the Consumer’s Golden Laurel several times. Last year, Obsessive noted an almost 20% increase in sales. The brand is also very active on Social Media.