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Roadmap gift - a mini guide for those looking for Christmas gifts

Roadmap gift - a mini guide for those looking for Christmas gifts

"What to get a girl for Christmas?" "What to buy my wife for Christmas?" "What do girls want for Christmas?" Are you also one of the men who can't sleep through these questions and will break the nights?

Gentlemen, the annual gift nightmare is coming! A feverish memory search for clues to an auspicious gift, a vision of crowds, queues and cacophony of Christmas carols and Christmas hits played at each of the stands is coming. Is it impossible to run away from it? Is there a chance for a quick gift selection? And what's more, one that will make your beloved happy? Of course, it is!

Christmas shopping with Obsessive

We have excellent news for you! You are just starting the most enjoyable Christmas shopping in your life! First, we will provide you with a powerful dose of naughty inspiration, and then we will invite you to our store. And that's not all! We'll even remind you of the lovely packaging and finally deliver the chosen gift to the door! Sounds interesting? Do you feel relieved? Here we go!

Tell us what you like, we'll take care of the rest!

Do you want to know a secret? Ladies love to receive lingerie from their loved ones! It is not only a beautiful and fashionable addition to their wardrobe. It is also the fulfilment of your fantasies about them enclosed in lace, mesh, and sometimes even leather wonders. Each lingerie gift is an emotion - both those at its receipt and those later, which will become your shared experience. Guess you know what we mean...? Yes, exactly!

What to buy for a girl for Christmas? Underwear!

Surprise your girlfriend and this year give her something completely unexpected. Choose what matches your characters and what you like the most. Trust us - in our obsessively crazy gift boxes, we have something for everyone! Don't believe it? Listen carefully: bolognese, "The Godfather" and focacci lovers will appreciate our elegant black peignoir made of smooth, glossy fabric, which refers to the world-famous Italian cinema stars.

Elegant, blach peignoir 810-PEI-1

Codebreakers, on the other hand, will probably be happy to solve the most complicated weave we've ever managed to leave a woman's body! Sexy set of underwear, because we are talking about it, made of lace shining with golden reflections and frivolous stripes on the neckline and back will warm up the atmosphere in your bedroom like a volcano!

Set with detachable straps 873-SET-1 Obsessive

The fans of music from the '90s will remember the first music videos of the pop queen Britney Spears (gentlemen, don't be ashamed, we already know perfectly well who was looking at you from the posters hidden under your beds!), as soon as they see a naughty student costume! A transparent top with a decorative bow and lace finish and a mini skirt with panties will add sex appeal to every woman! And they will encourage you to fantasize. You would like to go to such a school every day, wouldn't you? What will happen next in your bedroom will surely raise the temperature this winter!

Naughty student costume 833-CST-2 Obsessive

Take a look at our latest lingerie proposals and explore the sensual world of Obsessive even better. Red as wine and hot as hell Rougabelle or mysterious, and a bit oriental adventure with Shibu? What will you choose as a gift for your wife for Christmas? Remember that what you give her will tell your partner a lot about what you really want during your time together - not only in bed! 

What else girls want for Christmas? Perfumes, oils and bath balls!

Do you know what else the ladies love, what you can buy for your girlfriend or wife for Christmas? Perfumes! Enrich the Christmas gift for your beloved with a stunning fragrance that will accompany you both at romantic dinners and in love trips. Do you know what's really special about it? We have added pheromones to it! We don't need to explain to you how it will end up to use Obsessive perfume? 

Perfumy Obsessive

In our cosmetics series, you will also find bath bombs and sensual essential massage oils maintained in the same fragrance scents - sexy, spicy and fun. Of course, all of our unique accessories, charming senses and driving you crazy - that is, with pheromones!

Once you choose the right gift for a girl for Christmas, remember that women love the beautiful scenery! Check out our offer of decorative gift boxes, which are available in two colours - white and red

Pudełka prezentowe Obsessive

We guarantee that now you are entirely prepared for Christmas. You don't have to wonder what kind of Christmas gift to choose for a girl - you just have a list of scorching products to add to the shopping cart, and our Elves will make sure that beautifully packed and on time will get right to your door! The time saved in this way you can spend on fantasizing about how grateful your girlfriend will be and how you celebrate it together...