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The best gifts for Men’s Day

The best gifts for Men’s Day

Does your beau always remember to surprise you with a bouquet of flowers? He definitely does, that’s why you should reciprocate and take advantage of International Men’s Day to show him how much you care about him. A low-key celebration for two or a hot surprise? Decide what will give him the most pleasure, but remember that you are his best gift. 

When is Men’s Day?

While almost everyone seems to know when International Women’s Day is (not sure? It’s March 8th :)), then the holiday of the opposite sex is not as obvious to us. Actually, we can find two dates in the calendar that will serve as a great excuse to have a good time. The first one, Men’s Day, falls in the same month as Women’s Day – March 10th. It’s a great occasion to celebrate together! The second date falls a little later – on September 30th – and it’s Boyfriend Day (Poland). Even if your love is no longer a teenager, deep inside he’s probably still a rebellious teen boy that’s waiting to be awoken. We’ll take care of that another time though. 

Surprise your man!

Do you want to give him something special? The best gift for Men’s Day is undoubtedly time spent together. Think about what your man likes the most and what his perfect night out would be like. Dinner at a fancy restaurant or an evening of bowling? No one knows him better than you. Maybe this is the ideal moment to go see that movie he’s been talking about for weeks? Even if it’s not up your alley, sometimes it’s worth it to just let it go and show him that for him you’ll even handle the worst kind of horror movie. But first make sure that covering your eyes is allowed.

A hot surprise for him

Does your significant other like surprises? He’s definitely into those bedroom ones, that’s why you should make use of Men’s Day to surprise him in the most unconventional way possible. It’s so good to have Obsessive around! How about a lingerie set in fiery red? The bold cut and translucent lace will make your man feel really special. If you’re in the mood for something for more imagination-triggering, make sure to check out our erotic outfits. Each one of us has their own fantasies, that’s why you should ask your partner about them before you go ahead and make a purchase. Maybe he’s been dreaming for a while now to see you dressed up as a sexy maid or hot police woman? In order to ignite your senses even more, you should also stock up on pheromones. At Obsessive you’ll find perfumes with pheromones for him and for her. It’ll be so hard to forget this holiday!

What to wish him on Men’s Day?

A gift for Men’s Day is not all! Before you get into that festive mood, remember to wish him something original. What should we wish our men? Above all, lots of masculinity, but on their own accord. Men’s Day is a good occasion to remind your partner that no one expects him to be an alpha male or have a ripped body. Masculinity, just like femininity, keeps changing its definition and carries a different meaning for everyone. The myth of a tough guy has been debunked a long time ago, and thankfully more and more of us know that Men Don’t Cry is nothing more than a movie title. 

On the occasion of Men’s Day we would like to wish your men to keep discovering new shades of masculinity every day, and for you to be able to observe those shades from their best side. 


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