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Women’s Day – perfect present

Women’s Day – perfect present

Hey man, are you looking for the best Women’s Day gift for your loved one? Here we come to give you perfect ideas! If you want to prepare something special… we’ll tell you how to do it! Follow our step-by-step instructions and surprise her like never before. Ready, steady, go!

Through her stomach to her heart

Yup, this works well for women too! You don’t need to be a master chef to prepare a perfect Women’s Day present and to impress her. Women love it when men make some effort for them, so she’ll definitely appreciate your culinary struggles! Recipe for a fantastic Women’s Day surprise? Prepare a simple dish, add a pinch of love and... you’ve got it!
How about making spaghetti (you can handle it!) and serving it in the shape of a heart together with a bottle of wine? If you prefer a sweet version, prepare a tray with pieces of your favourite fruits forming "love you" message and a chocolate fondue. Put a blanket on your bedroom floor and invite your woman to the feast of flavors, but first... make her feel absolutely special! How? Give your beloved an incredibly feminine and elegant chemise and ask her to put it on! She will definitely love: Blackardi, Imperia, Lovica or Carmelove. Wanna see more? Click HERE!
If you want to give your sweetheart another amazing gift for Women's Day – surprise her with a charming perfume! Our pheromone perfumes bring plenty of delightful pleasure. Just try!

Treasure map

A very unique gift for her? Home treasure map! Hide a few presents in different places and draw a map that will help her find all of the hidden "treasures". Here's a list of things you’ll need: a box of chocolates, sexy lingerie for Women's Day, pheromone perfume.

When she finds the chocolates, lead her to a tempting corset (check our CORSETS). Leave a message: "I bet it will look amazing on you. Can you try it on now?". Next, let your woman find stockings matching the corset and then... pheromone perfume (THIS WAY to perfumes) which will make her feel very sexy!

Let her shine like a star!

Women love bling-blings, so jewellery is a perfect gift for Women's Day. Surprise your beloved with very special jewellery! What is it? Buy earrings, a necklace or a bracelet and order… a lingerie set adorned with shiny jewels! These items look absolutely gorgeous: Charmea, Heartina, 822 set with cute pearls and stunning 828 set. She’ll be over the moon (so will you)! If you want to prepare a very spicy gift – get lingerie made of jewellery such as fabulous Perlash set!

Box full of surprises

And here’s another best Women’s Day gift idea for you. Create a Women's Day card including a photo of her, buy alluring lingerie and a pheromone perfume. Put all of these lovely surprises inside a nice box. Remember about the right order – the first thing she’ll find after opening the box is your card with this text: "The most beautiful woman deserves...". And next? Lingerie with the text: "the most beautiful lingerie...". Finally – perfume with the text: "and this". Or another version: "I adore you and I’ll go crazy over you when you...", "put this on and...", "use this".
Perfect lingerie for this kind of present: Bisquitta teddy made of lace and sexy straps or exciting 820 teddy. For more Women's Day inspirations click HERE!

Now that you know what, where and how – go ahead! Good luck and have a fantastic time with your loved one!