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Hidden treasure…

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in your lover’s arms, imagine delightful nights together and the moments full of pleasures. And now… open your eyes, take a deep breathe and answer the question: Do you always wanna close your eyes just to dream about it or maybe bite your lips and keep your eyes tightly closed during the exciting, love adventure in bed?

What do you know about lingerie?

Are you already a specialist in this area or maybe you still learn it? You prefer to jump into something spicy or usually wrap you body with something sensual and delicate? What your man’s like, do you know? Oh, you’re definitely the master in this! Let us guess, he likes when you surprise him with new, hot, lace lingerie, which can perfectly expose what you’ve got the best. He loves stockings, loves when you put it on your long legs in this special, gentle way, and he can’t resist it. You love it too, right? If now a little smile appears on your face and you can’t wait to have another chance to wear your obsessive treasures, you can be sure of one thing – you’re the specialist of a night pleasures obviously!

Body in lace and smiley face!

Ok, so if we already have decide that you’re a pleasure’s specialist we can also tell you that your man catches you up! And let you get us straight – it’s not because he follows fashion trends, he’s not. It’s all thanks to you. You taught him this, and you’re doing this every night, wearing this what can bring a pleasure to both of you. With your fingertips you can touch and feel the softness of materials, which wrap all special parts of your body. That delightful shiver on your skin can addictive and when you act on each other like a magnet – it’s just the matter of time when your love bomb will explode!

What you do when I’m not looking?

An exciting occasion to celebrate is heading to you? Birthday, anniversary… and now you’re expecting that your man will be secretly looking for a present for you. But you already know what you wanna get – hot weekend full of sexy experiences! Of course in a company of a new Obsessive lingerie set, which can be an icing on the top of your love cake. Let him know, but discreetly, what would you like to get or do, leave a note on the pillow in form of a riddle, when you run to work and he still sleeps. Less discreet version? Just send him a link to obsessive store! Then you can be sure that the present will be perfect and the pleasure will be definitely yours!