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The Festival LOOK, or the music to Obsessive’s ears

Earlier this year, music fans from all over the world were saddened again. In February, we received information that for the second time the largest music festival, Coachella, will not take place due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It’s this event that has been setting trends in both music and fashion for years. Every year, California was visited by hundreds of thousands of people craving fun.

Coachella, and earlier Woodstock, initiated the festival trend, which also reached Poland. Unfortunately, many music shows, such as the Orange Warsaw Festival or Kraków Live Festival, were moved to 2022. Some of the organizers, however, decided to prepare the festivals on a smaller scale, respecting the sanitary regime. We already know that the Fest Festival will be held in Chorzów in mid-August with a lineup of Polish and foreign stars. Meskie Granie is going on tour, and the Open’er Festival will take place in a slightly different format. So start preparing, music fans! It’s time to plan your festival outfits!

Fashion mix

After a slightly monotonous year in fashion – 2020 – when tracksuits reigned supreme, this year designers and trendsetters surprise us by combining non-obvious patterns and colors! Life is coming back! We want to scream it and attract attention with our outfits. It is all the more advisable at festivals, so let’s get going – we are starting a review of festival trends for 2021.

A neon carnival of colors

Do you want all eyes to be on you during the festival madness? Go for neon! But not just one – this year we’re mixing several neon shades together. Don’t be afraid of combinations that used to be considered bad taste. This year, intense fuchsia loves juicy neon green. Such a combination can be found in our sales hit, i.e. the Playa Norte swimsuit loved by influencers. A swimsuit can be an ideal base to put together a festival outfit. Match it with a pair of wide-leg jeans in Britney Spears’ style from 2000, a bucket hat and you got yourself an outfit! Our Nudelia (whether it’s a set of underwear, T-shirt or teddy) with a pink neon finish will also work great as a base. Pink plays perfectly with juicy orange, so how about some shorts and big sports shoes, the so-called ugly shoes? The more colorful the better!


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Rock’n’roll is king

Rock style never goes out of fashion. It has also appeared in the offers of many fashion houses for this season. Biker jackets, chains, oversized t-shirts, worn-out jeans… How about a super edgy festival look? When preparing an outfit in the style of a rock star’s girlfriend, instead of a top choose a teddy with a beautiful tattoo-imitating wing pattern on the back. Of course, you’ll find it in our collection. Alifini will allow you to build a styling base. Match it with a denim miniskirt and big rock shoes – preferably with chains. Throw on an oversized checkered shirt over it, which was loved by Kurt Cobain, or a biker jacket like Axl Rose. Remember about a head covering! In this case, a hat is a must have!

Do it yourself, i.e. tie-dye 

Tie-dye is a trend that keeps coming back. It’s so simple that you don’t have to run around the shops looking for clothes in this style. You can make them at home! All you need is bleach or some fabric dye and your imagination. Tie a few knots on any part of the garment, then secure them with rubber bands, and then dye or bleach the clothes. In the Obsessive collection you’ll find a beautifully shimmering Rionella swimsuit that transitions from blue to powder pink. It’ll perfectly match the festival trend. If you add pink-tinted jeans to it, you’ll create a total look. Don’t forget accessories! In chain stores you can find denim croissant bags, which are very fashionable this season, and sneakers that can be painted with felt-tip pens.

We can’t wait for the festivals and your looks. Maybe we’ll meet at one of the summer events? Stay up to date and follow us on social media.