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A corset made for styling

A corset made for styling

It has probably never crossed your mind to pair an incredibly sexy corset with a white T-shirt and wear that kind of outfit to a dinner with friends? You’ve probably never thought of wearing a corset for any occasion other than a romantic night with your SO. And yet… this strap corset is extraordinary and will surely impress you with its versatility.

A corset for special assignments

The Cameliana strap corset is more than just sexy lingerie. The possibilities of pairing it with other garments are basically endless. 

Let’s start with wearing the corset on your naked body. Such an outfit requires no further comment and is of course reserved for a particular set of eyes. But if you add lingerie, a pair of elegant pants, and a white button-up shirt to it, you’ll get an ensemble in which you could definitely show up to a night out in a restaurant. Your outfit will undoubtedly have others swooning over its originality. A black strap going from the waist through the cleavage all the way to the neckline will show up from underneath the shirt – all of it topped with a choker with a chiffon flower on the front.  

Gorset konturowy z kwiatami Cameliana beżowy

A bolder and less formal version of this outfit will be fastening the corset on the outside of the shirt and letting the shirt flow over a pair of cargo pants. You can pair this set with colorful leather boots and a black backpack. It’s perfect for every occasion – for work and for school. 

The athletic side of Cameliana 

The Cameliana strap corset is one of the few Obsessive items that can be paired with a sports shirt – one that you’ll wear underneath!

The delicate sand colored corset will perfectly complement a white T-shirt and light blue jeans. Tuck the shirt into the jeans, throw Cameliana on top, and just thread the lower part of the corset through the loops (like a belt). This will make all the elements ideally go together. The chiffon flowers and links in the form of golden rings will make for a delicate addition to the entire outfit, that will surely attract attention. 

A strap corset or decorative belt?

The Cameliana strap corset is a multifunction wardrobe element. You can treat it as a decorative belt that will perfectly adjust to your body and uniquely accentuate your waistline. Whereas the flower choker will replace any necklace, adding a bit of edge and elegance to your outfit. This corset will be a good and very original idea to add some chic to your wardrobe, revamp a boring or low-key ensemble, but also intrigue others. Get this unusual corset and let us know how you wore it!

Gorset konturowy z kwiatami Cameliana czarny

Gorset konturowy z kwiatami Cameliana czarny

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