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Sexy costumes

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With sexy Obsessive erotic costumes, you will unleash your love fantasies! This is a proven way to turn up the heat between you. Our costumes were designed by women for women! Refined down to the smallest detail, they will make you feel the way you have always wanted to feel. Wearing any of the erotic Obsessive costumes, you set the rules of the game!

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If you are looking for a simple and proven way to raise the temperature of your relationship, to surprise your beloved, and to add a touch of unusual spice to your shared fun – choose Obsessive erotic costumes! A bit of imagination is enough to turn your evening together into a love adventure full of unexpected twists and ending with a passionate happy ending.

Erotic costumes - sexy outfits for shared fun

Fantasizing about your beloved and creating new alluring scenarios for your shared encounters helps build the relationship and makes the other person feel noticed, appreciated, and even more loved. If you enjoy exploring the unknown together, if couple’s play excites you, and if you are ready for imaginative adventures, it’s time to check out the Obsessive erotic costumes offer.

Your first erotic costume. How to choose it and what to remember

The key to successful couple’s fun is that you both feel good in it. If this is the first time you’ve decided to surprise your beloved with a spicy costume, or if you’ve decided to do it together but don’t have much experience in this kind of love theatre, it’s worth starting with more toned-down and calmer outfits. At first glance, they might seem conservative, but that’s just an illusion that will enhance the final effect. No matter which Obsessive costume you choose, you can be sure that the emotions of your night together will be heated to the limit.

Erotic costumes that customers most often choose for their first purchase are, for example:

  • hot secretary,
  • sexy policewoman,
  • alluring stewardess,
  • sensual nurse.

Erotic costumes of the highest quality

They are characterized by the fact that despite their frivolity and spiciness, they still cover a lot, leaving the best parts for your beloved to discover. Imaginatively designed and meticulously crafted, they surprise and seduce at the same time. The elastic Multistretch material (a blend of polyamide and elastane) makes them beautifully hug the body, highlighting its features and distracting from minor imperfections. They are also very pleasant to the touch and comfortable. The perfect fit is enabled by the Did2Fit system, which includes various types of ties and adjustable fastenings. All this to make you feel comfortable and feminine while looking spectacular.

Depending on the chosen model, you can find such additions and decorations as:

  • a cap with decorative ruffles and a shiny visor and a police badge on the chest (policewoman),
  • an alluring skirt with side slits, a uniform collar with a neck closure (secretary),
  • a stewardess cap, a uniform badge adorning the dress and cap, a winged "Obsessive service" badge (stewardess),
  • a beautiful apron tied at the back, a subtle bow and a shiny pendant, a lace headband, and wrist decorations that give the erotic costume a unique character (maid),
  • a sexy dress in the style of a nurse’s apron, a playful collar with an order, a cap, and long white gloves made of elastic, soft fabric that reach past the elbows (nurse).

Choosing the last of these sets, you will also receive a real stethoscope, which will allow you to listen to your beloved’s heartbeat. It’s up to you to decide what diagnosis you’ll make and what love therapy you’ll apply.

An exceptional erotic costume - when you want to dare for more

You can also find the sexy maid costume in versions that reveal a bit more. Instead of a bodysuit made of velvety, opaque material, you can choose a bolder version with a lace corset and garters or a very seductive dress made of black lace with a floral pattern. The sexy maid outfit is a perfect choice for special occasions. Similar possibilities are offered by various versions of the nurse’s costume. You can choose either a more covering sexy dress in the style of a nurse’s apron (with a front zipper that runs the entire length with a double lock) or a bolder and more daring erotic costume with a tempting, transparent top with a deep neckline, decorated with lace with a floral motif. Sexy nurse costumes and erotic outfits in different versions can be a great choice for special evenings.

Or maybe you decide to conduct a personal search of your partner tonight? If so, a sexy policewoman costume will surely come in handy. This spectacular costume includes:

  • a zip-up top with vinyl accents (collar, cuffs, and chest pocket), additionally adorned with Police badges on the right shoulder and above the left breast,
  • appropriately shaped shorts that nicely highlight the buttocks,
  • a vinyl cap with a visor,
  • a belt with two bunches of cords that can be detached and used in any way (e.g., for binding).

The diverse Obsessive offer guarantees that whether you are just starting your adventure with erotic costumes or you are already a true veteran of this kind of couple’s fun, you will surely find something for yourself. You can always buy several costumes and see which one you feel best in and which one most ignites your beloved’s senses.

Erotic costumes for the boldest

A fierce cat, an erotic devil, or a sexy kitten? This is the offer of the most spectacular and extremely sensual and seductive Obsessive erotic costumes. If you decide on a costume inspired by the different incarnations of a sexy kitten, you can count on elements such as:

  • a bra with delicate fur,
  • a headband with cat ears and a detachable tail,
  • fur that encourages play,
  • bows and laces adding spiciness to the whole.

If you want to become a tempting devil for your special night, the erotic costume set includes, among others:

  • sensual red bodysuit with an open crotch,
  • a headband with devil horn motifs,
  • a charming choker,
  • intriguing devil-shaped pasties.
  • The perfect complement to this outfit will be a red paddle, which will help you become the queen of the bedroom and the mistress of your beloved’s senses.

How to choose the size of an erotic costume

Obsessive designers have ensured that thanks to the system of adjustable straps and fastenings and the use of very elastic and stylish fabric, erotic costumes fit perfectly on all body types. They are available in three sizes:

  • S/M,
  • L/XL,
  • XXL.

To choose the most suitable version, simply check the size chart with a diagram prepared individually for each erotic costume. Based on a simple drawing, you can easily see which size will be best for you. The effect is completed by a stylish, elegant, and elastic fabric that even after several washes does not lose its charm.

Do you want to add more spice to the bedroom? Discover sexy lingerie Obsessive and dare for more!