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  • This was my first chemise from Obsessive and I’m already in love! Very good quality, fits great and is extremely comfortable.
  • I bought this teddy as a gift for my girlfriend. It looks amazing on her, it will definitely not be my last purchase.
  • This set caught my eye immediately. The material is pleasant to the touch and panties is extremely comfortable even for every day wearing. Recommend this set so much!



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Sexy for Valentine's Day

Women's underwear has many faces: cotton underwear, lace lingerie, classic, and sports underwear. We could go on forever listing its different varieties. However, what all types of women's underwear have in common is the fact that they are an indispensable element of every woman's wardrobe and set the rhythm for women's activities. You go for something different when you want to be seductive, and different when you feel like jogging in the morning. Women's lingerie reflects the wearer, her needs and character. Obsessive is a brand that has been on the market for 15 years. Every day our lingerie pleases millions of women around the world, giving them a sense of self-confidence, beauty and sex appeal hidden in a tiny, tempting box. If you've ever shopped in our Obsessive land, you probably know perfectly well that pleasure doesn’t start in the bedroom. Delightful evenings for two begin much, much earlier. From the very morning, women's underwear will set the tone of your day. When putting on Obsessive underwear, the thought of a passionate evening will come up unexpectedly, and with it you’ll feel excitement and sensual shiver through your body, appearing just at the idea of the upcoming moments. Since you’re here, your pleasure has probably already begun, and with it, you’re about to be embraced by the exciting adventure that won’t let you forget about it for a long time.

Who are we for?

We are there for you. Regardless of whether you’re in a relationship, getting ready for special moments, or you just love to feel the delicacy of lace on your body, which, hidden under your clothes, gives you confidence every day. We are for women who want to feel more. Delicate laces combined with feminine cuts will work as perfect aphrodisiacs and a super feminine, secret weapon. We are with you at every level of initiation. From sensual sexy chemises to spicy, revealing sets in the Spicy category, to playful costumes perfect for dress-up games in the Fun-loving category!

Why Obsessive sexy lingerie?

If you value quality above all else - Obsessive lingerie is the bull's eye! If you’re looking for unique, feminine lingerie you can’t imagine your wardrobe without - you’re also in the right place! Our sensual lingerie is made of best quality, specially selected materials - delicate lace, satin that’s so pleasant to the touch, and our unique knitted weaves used in bodystockings, are top shelf in the women's underwear category. A perfect match? Yes - with us you got it for sure! Our unique solutions used in underwear will allow you to feel the fullness of comfort and convenience. Thanks to the flexible materials of the Multistretch type, our chemises, bodysuits and corsets can perfectly adapt to the shape of your body, no matter what size you wear. ComfyCut - the solution used in panties, guarantees full wearing comfort even on a daily basis. Specially designed sewing lines don’t crisscross in intimate places, and the seam between the butt cheeks? It brings out feminine curves! We've already mentioned our phenomenal bodystockings, but what makes them so special? Obsessive knitted products are characterized not only by an exceptionally clear pattern, but also durable weave and selected fibers. In this case the guardian of quality and comfort is the 3SKnit technology, so you can seductively play with your man and at the same time be sure that your knitted miracle will look perfect ????

A small bust? Big bust? We love them all!

As specialists in women's shapes and needs, we have prepared offers for ladies of various shapes and sizes. Women's underwear for small breasts is no stranger to us and we do have it in our offer! Not only that, we also have underwear for large breasts, which guarantees perfect support and comfort - also in everyday use. Love knows no limits. Or size. That is why our collections are being systematically expanded with products in larger sizes. Sensual lingerie fits perfectly with us, from size S to XXL!

A pleasure that knows no bounds!

Contrary to appearances, Obsessive is not only women's lingerie. Obsessive is the emotions that will heat up your relationship with fancy accessories! Everything you’re looking for can be found in the Obsessive offer. What other way to act on the senses? By using exceptionally tempting scents rich in pheromones! Sexy, Spicy, or Fun - these are the three captivating, oriental - woody and floral fragrances by Obsessive. If you already have them at home, you probably know well how they work on the other half, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to try them yet - make up for it as soon as possible! Pheromones for men? You know - Obsessive also cares very well for the masculine part of the relationship! A deep and intriguing combination of white musk, orange, and jasmine can electrify the fair sex like no other ! Do you still have doubts about mutual attraction between partners? Obsessive pheromones will get rid of them once and for all!

Obsessive lingerie is recommended for an unique experience

Are you wondering how to arouse desire? What type of sexy, women's underwear will work best in bed and make intimate moments for two unique and unforgettable? Look for the answers within yourself! Lingerie is a second skin, let it express you, emphasize your femininity and delightfully embrace your body. Timeless, elegant lace can be found in sets. You can go for a bra with a thong or a slightly richer version with a garter belt. For larger breasts, we definitely recommend our underwire bras, and for women with smaller breasts - lace bralettes with triangle-shaped cups. If you’re looking for a unique complement to your favorite women's underwear set, stockings complete with a belt or self-supporting thigh-highs will be irreplaceable here. This type of accessory is quite favored among men, and if you’re a lucky owner of sky-high legs - it’s definitely a must have in your wardrobe! Sexy and sensual shapes, a slender figure, and a perfectly emphasized bust? You get it all with a sexy corset or a teddy! In the category of sexy lingerie, these are the products loved by men and most often chosen by women. Perhaps because they can beautifully display the figure, thus correcting its imperfections. Plus a tempting pair of stockings and rest assured your man will go crazy! But the pleasure doesn’t end here! Have you seen our babydoll and peignoirs? They’re perfect for every night and not only do they offer amazing comfort, but also make you feel sexy even when sleeping! The babydoll seductively and loosely falls on the derriere and the chemises gently wrap the body to always make you feel like a million dollars! Besides, not only you, just look at your partner and see the real flames in his gaze!

How do you go about it?

Your adventure with Obsessive is just beginning! Or perhaps you've been with us for a long time? Regardless of how long you’ve been in on it, remember that lingerie is above all pleasure, wearing comfort, and discovering your femininity. Feel beautiful, enjoy sex and love yourself, and the sensual Obsessive lingerie will accompany you at every stage of this extremely exciting and delightful adventure.

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